Tuesday, October 9

Amusement Parks: Swinging Ship Attraction at Tibidabo, Barcelona

Amusement Parks: Swinging Ship Attraction at Tibidabo, Barcelona

There are thrilling and exciting amusement park attractions and thrilling and queasing amusement park attractions. Take this swinging ship at Tibidabo for example. So beautiful a vessel can only inspire confidence in the rider-to-be! You might think "What the heck, I'll get on this one!, at least I don't go upside down or fall like a corpse with a concrete block tied to the feet". But alas! Upon the fourth or fifth swing, those friendly guys sitting upfront start grasping the security lever and they don't look that tough anymore. The beautiful lady right on the matching row on the other side was not that cute, in fact she could make it in the cast for The Exorcist V. The usual screaming suddenly sounds like desperate calls for help and little by little, swinging up, swinging down, you remember that you got that hotdog with fries, and the memories turn so vivid!...Well folks, I hope you are not having lunch or dinner when you read this and that you visit Tibidabo Amusement Park...on an empty stomach of course.

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Blogger Daniel J Santos said...

Para minha pena não conheço.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Carlos, I am rolling on the floor laughing at your VERY ACCURATE description of how one feels before, during and after riding that torture chamber!! I went on one once. . . .ONCE was quite enough, thank you!!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Wonderful capture.

11:44 PM  

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