Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Churros in Barcelona

Churros in Barcelona [enlarge]

A now for something completely different: Churros. I have been browsing in search for good recipes or the history of churros. Well, you've got Wikipedia's definition of churros for that and even some elegant recipes like these Californian churros desserts which I found exotic and appealing. No, I just wanted to show you this picture to evoke those good memories every citizen in Spain has involving churros or porras which is a bigger, thicker variety made in Madrid. The experience of waking up early to go and buy churros for a good weekend breakfast is unforgettable. There used to be street stalls or caravans in the neighborhood where they cooked homemade churros which you could smell some blocks away. In fact they still exist but they are fewer than in the good old times. And what about those who on their way to bed after a long crazy night grab a bag full of churros to soak them in hot chocolate. Needless to say that there are small traditional places called granjas selling good churros in Barcelona. The best according to many is on carrer Petritxol, near Plaza del Pi in Barri Gotic and is called La Pallaresa. Tomorrow I will show you a detail of the entrance.


  1. Mmmmm, yes! La Pallaresa is a lovely place for a chocaholic! I am quite fond of their suissos, as well. :)

  2. You bet!. I had one of those for breakfast and didn't eat anything else till supper. Yes, the "suisso" was great. Also ensaimada is good. Thanks!

  3. Sinforosa11:16 AM

    Dan ganas de pegarlos un bocao, :-)

  4. How fun! I remember being surprised at how small these were in comparison to the churros available here, which are straight and much larger, which I see you've referred to as "porras."

  5. I remember my dad making them every time it snowed. Yum!


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