Barcelona Photoblog: Iron Bridge Over Onyar River in Gerona, Spain

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Iron Bridge Over Onyar River in Gerona, Spain

Iron Bridge Over Onyar River in Gerona, Spain
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Remember the view from a bridge over River Onyar in Gerona, this was the old iron bridge where I was standing that day. As usual it seems weird that this photo blog travels to another city being a blog about Barcelona and neighbouring towns. I once said that as long as it was in Catalonia on the one hand and was good for Barcelona Photoblog interests on the other hand some exceptions could be made. So revisionists, critics, purists, friend or foe, here I go with my image of the bridge over the Onyar river, one of the four rivers surrounding the city of Girona, the ancient Gerunda, inhabited by Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Jews and even the French.


  1. I find this photo particularly intriguing because of the light and dark, shadows and criss-crossed lines.

  2. Excelente perspectiva, un juego muy especial con las sombras. Felicitaciones. Saludos desde Córdoba,Argentina.
    Mario Antonio Herrero Machado

  3. I love everything about this photograph. Went to check out the previous photo, which I hadn't seen before. I'm glad I did, that's another great photo. Never been to Gerona, but that will probably change soon...

  4. I like the shadows of the iron. That looks great.

  5. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Impressive photo. Were you stooped way over with your chest on the ground to get this shot? Wow.

    See the latest windpower technology working here in Brookville.

  6. Yes, Kate if you see the thumb it looks like some kind of 3D grid.
    Thanks mherrero. Nice community and good pictures.
    Thanks Fenix.
    Thanks April.
    No, Abraham, the floor was above ground level. Thanks God I didn't have to lay down on my belly :) I was lucky with the unusual perspective, high or up as you know is better than just the usual angle. I remember that bird on the line the other day, you know.

  7. Anonymous5:16 PM

    i like perspective and angle of this shot...really nice shot:-))

  8. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Este puente lleva la firma de Gustave Eiffel.
    La Sudiste.

  9. Thanks lv2scpbk and Pixibition for your kind comments.
    Mais oui La Sudiste? Bon vacance.


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