Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cross-Harbor Cable Car in Barcelona, Spain

Cross-Harbor Cable Car in Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Cross-harbor cable car going from Montjuic Hill (camera point of view) to Sant Sebastia tower (78 mts and second in the background), stopping first at the Jaume I tower (107 mts) next to WTC complex. The towers were built by Carlos Boigas in 1931 after Barcelona Universal Exhibition. Cable cars move about 70 meters above the ground. With a capacity of 19 passengers cabins take 5 minutes to cover the itinerary at an interval of 10 minutes between each other. Prices have changed but they don't exceed 10 euros as of yet.

1 comment:

  1. não cheguei a andar ai, demasiado alto pra mim.

    Que saudades tenho eu de Barcelona.

    Quando voltar um dia ai, tenho de encontrar o amigo Carlos para uma visita aos locais que estão fora do roteiro turístico.


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