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May 11, 2013

Kids Don't Care, Barri de Gracia, Barcelona

Kids playing at Plaza de la Vila, Gracia, Barcelona

Here is a scene older than history, repeated over and over again in every place on earth. Who hasn't be an actor in this play? 

Look at these children, everybody is having fun in their own crazy way and yet it all seems as if there was some kind of plan. I am sure, there was a first call, a starting idea: hey, wanna play? Yep, it always began just like that, with a simple, unbiased act of human communication later hidden under hundreds of layers of social 'learning'. 

The place: Plaça Rius i Taulet, one of those wonderful squares worth visiting in the bohemian Barri de Gracia, in Barcelona. There is a big tower with a clock in the middle so no way you can miss the square. Those giants (Cat. gegants) out there at the back, have names, they are called, Pau and Llibertat and they are about to give those kids yet another happy day before they grow up.

November 26, 2012

Portraits and Children's Spontaneous Poses

Chinese girl in wooden playground framework
Chinese girl in Playground

Sometimes a nice spontaneous pose really makes the difference.

This beautiful girl, the daughter of the Chinese family running the bar at the corner, was not looking at my camera as I caught this with a telephoto. I should have come closer with shorter lens but that day I was taking pictures of a show at the local square and I needed more powerful lens. I thought the wooden framework of the slide was great to isolate her while she was in the middle of such fantastic and improvised performance. The light and kids in the background did the rest.

Sometimes kids are sort of funny actors rehearsing for the stark reality that lies ahead in the path of life.

January 09, 2011

Small Girl Playing at Restaurant

Small Girl Playing at Restaurant [enlarge]

Small girl hiding under restaurant menu. I hope you like another sample of pure innocence. Have a nice week everyone.

May 02, 2010

The Kid and the Skateboard

Kid and Skateboard [enlarge]

Although I am not pretty satisfied with the result I liked the scene. A boy wearing a FC Barcelona soccer jersey rides on a skateboard which is almost his size inside Travessera de Gracia market. Nice new week everyone!

April 19, 2010

Innocent Happiness

Kid smiling [enlarge]

It all started one day when you were cast onto the stage of life without permission, from nothingness. You showed under the limelights with an impeccable brand new soul, a pure heart and a neat innocent smile. You just wanted to know and you asked for nothing in return. Magic ruled in the small kingdom of your playroom and worries were not part of your vocabulary. And then they taught you manners and gave you some tuition so you behaved like them. It took a lot of work but finally they managed. You became one of them but you lost something along the way, your innocent happiness. Where did it go?

April 01, 2010

Swing Kid

Kid standing on swing, Barcelona [enlarge]

Anonymous kid standing on a swing under the last rays of the sun in a lonely cold winter afternoon at the park across the street as taken by my daughter, Sara, from our bedroom window. Happy Easter everyone!

March 08, 2010


Thirsty kids at fountain in Plaza Tetuan, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Some kids drinking and playing with water at a fountain located at the base of the Dr.Robert monument in Tetuan square, Barcelona. There is not much to say here but I liked their innocent game. Check previous post to learn about the monument: Dr. Bartomeu Robert Monument.

January 07, 2010

2010, Make a Wish

Kids tossing confetti and candies, Three Wise Men Parade, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Everybody must have received their gift by now. Almost. At least those on the Magi list. But after looking at this girl's eyes it occurs to me that dreams will flow in the air like confetti till next year cause illusions never die. It's the magic behind the gifts what keeps us alive and not the gifts as such. The beauty lies in the joy around that material thing and not the thing itself. It's true some get the bulky presents and many just a wooden toy but that doesn't make them better cause happiness is not in the expensive stuff but in the peace of the soul. But Alas!, how many times we forget that. Now that celebrations are over and the Kings have gone back East, I think this special moment tells me more about what life really is, tossing some confetti and making a wish.

November 28, 2008

A Baby's Frown

A Baby's Frown [enlarge]

I still don't know why babies make faces so often, wearing a frown like elderly people. At least that's how we interpret such gesture in Spain. We call it La Viejita (old lady). How do you call it when kids frown and they have all these wrinkles on their faces? Here is a very funny video of what they can do, although in this case the frown is somehow different to the one I meant.

November 24, 2008

Kid Feeding Pigeons at Placa Catalunya, Barcelona

Kid Feeding Pigeons at Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona

While there's a happy kid on Earth, there will be hope. Nothing is more pure and sacred than a child's innocence. Nothing is more beautiful than a child's detached view of the world around him, free of all evil, ambition, prejudice and hate, wrong teachings and bad influence. The face of this kid reveals many things, things we once lived unknowingly, things we can have no more. We won't bring them back but we can work to guarantee that this happiness, the flame that moves this world, the joy of life forever lasts.

November 07, 2008

A Baby's Comfort

A Baby's Comfort

Nothing like being young again and get literally carried away comfortably on your way to who knows where, no plans, no worries, no boss, no money, no lovers, just some dreaming and a little contemplation of the world just as it is, the world. I was listening to this song while I worked on this photo

September 12, 2008

The Feminine Touch

A baby wearing a clip on the head [enlarge]

Routine is something that I really hate. Posting always the same kind of topic is really boring not only for you but for me as a blogger. Let's leave art aside for a while and refresh ourselves with an innocent image, that of a baby girl photographed from a different angle. Some friends came by and left the girl toddling on the wooden floor. I noticed she was wearing this tiny hair clip that barely succeeded in its task but clearly gave her the feminine touch.

August 19, 2008

The Boy and the Fishing Net

The Boy and the Fishing Net [enlarge]

The boy and the f...ishing net. Yep, that intonation would suit the picture better. Gosh, wasn't the little guy crying like mad because mom wanted to leave and he was dragging behind to play a little longer. Kids! Aren't they lovely?

April 13, 2008

Iberian Ruins: The Lichen Boy

Iberian Ruins: The Lichen Boy [enlarge]

A boy sitting on the foundation walls of an old Iberian town in Lleida, Catalonia. Obviously the kid is not surfing the imaginary waves of time to picture the ancient civilization that once lived in this vast prairie but he is rather amused by the curious surface of the rocky wall. What's this greenish-yellowish thing? Perhaps his parents not faraway, listening to the explanation of the local tourist guide, already told him that the odd thing is a symbiotic organism called lichen. Please check old posts: Lichen on Ancient Rocks, On the Tracks of my Ancestors and IR Iberian Ruins in the Spring.

January 19, 2008

Carnival Time in Barcelona!

Carnival Time in Barcelona! A Cry of Joy [enlarge]

Hereby I want to make clear that this blog is not dead. No way! With this enthusiastic cry of joy I want to declare carnival season open in Barcelona Photoblog. I know many of you wanted to know about this important event in Barcelona so I have a whole set of carnival images coming your way. Please forgive my irregular posting, I think sometimes we need a little break to gasp for some fresh air. By the way this February my photo blog will be two years old. I don't believe in celebrations but I am happy to be around and be able to share some time with you.

January 05, 2008

Children Photography: Tres Tombs Parade, Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain

Children Photography: Tres Tombs Parade, Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

This two children were driving a small coach in the Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs (Tres Tombs parade) in Sant Andreu district, Barcelona. I won't give you details about the parade because I want to concentrate on the kids' pose and due to the fact that I will post many more related images next week. I have pointed out sometimes in this blog that I love the way children behave in front of the camera showing that part of the soul we stubbornly try to hide every single day of the year. Take a look at each of them, dressed in elegant aristocrat costumes...the boy is concentrated so much on the reins that nothing in this world could distract him away from such magic experience; and what about the little girl, with that stern look, half conceited, half irritated and still finding some time to wave a hand with noble grace. Children can always surprise you with the most spontaneus gesture and they almost always look great in pictures, but still there are ways to take the most out of that sudden improvisation. Here are some tips about children photography:
The Complete Guide to Children Photography: This is a good course to get a general idea about how to approach a child in photography to get the best results in your pictures.
Depth of Field: DOF is used consciously or by chance but to make the best out of it we must know how it works in detail. Discover this excellent tutorial about DOF.

November 23, 2007

Chocolate Trade Show, Barcelona: Kid Drinks From Ice Sculpture

Chocolate Trade Show, Barcelona: Kid Drinks From Ice Sculpture [enlarge]

Chocolate Trade Show, Barcelona: Kid Drinks From Ice Sculpture. Not that it has to do much with chocolate or a trade show, the subject here is the kid and perhaps the ice sculpture. Well, in fact the left side of the sculpture was stuffed with small chocolate treats but the presence of people nearby made me disregard that part. It was some kind of game. Kids could drink from the ice in the hope that it tasted like chocolate but obviously he chose the most insipid portion.

July 01, 2007

Pure Classical Music at Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

Double-bass player and a girl listening at Park Guell, Barcelona
Double-bass playing classical music and girl at Park Guell

A street musician playing for money at Park Guell in Barcelona.

The well tempered sound of the string instrument, a double bass I suppose, attracted a curious visitor who invaded the scene, something that I really, really appreciate. Classical music really touched the pure fibers of this baby cause she stood there like a grownup with a musical background.
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