Barcelona Photoblog: October 2019

October 07, 2019

Palo Alto Market Barcelona Fest

^Palo Alto Market Fest Meat and Chimichurri Sandwich by Dos Boludos

The Palo Alto Market Fest is all you can expect from a festival, it is indeed a fiesta in which locals and foreigners alike have indulged year after year, on the first weekend of every month to be more precise. Based on the idea of Javier and Pedrin Mariscal and their foundation, the Palo Alto Market Fest is part of a bigger project, a creative hub, an island within the city, that implied the rescue of the old and abandoned Gal i Puigsech factory not without discrepancies with the town hall.

The Palo Alto festival, encompasses a little bit of everything you can expect from a street market plus an extra and much more relevant additive: culture. In the particular cozy atmosphere of its inner space in which art galleries blend with food trucks, you can enjoy concerts, workshops, exhibitions, find vintage articles, handmade crafts, recycled products, the latest trends in design, beautiful jewelry, street style fashion, organic food, you name it.

Palo Alto Market Fest inner courtyard

This privileged 3,700 m2 space is a great opportunity for local artists and creators to display their work and the ideal place for visitors to get in contact with what's cooking in street or urban culture in Barcelona while pampering one's stomach.

Admission to Palo Alto Market Barcelona 2019: 4.50 eur on site, 3.50 online.
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