Barcelona Photoblog: August 2014


Friday, August 29, 2014

Multiethnic Street Mural at El Raval, Barcelona

Ethnic mural in Barcelona

On one of the alleys that ends up in La Rambla del Raval, there is this beautiful mural showing the multiethnic diversity that characterizes this neighborhood in the old part of Barcelona city. Unfortunately it is hard to know who's art this is sometimes, I hope the author reads this post and give his name. It is not strange that artistic manifestations reflect reality: El Raval quarter represents 3% of Barcelona's population. There are almost 45.000 hab./km2 in this area, a figure that clearly doubles the 16.000 hab./km2 for the whole city. More than half of the inhabitants in El Raval, are immigrants. In 2012, there was an 18% increase in the number of inmigrants in Barcelona, while there was a 49% for El Raval alone. Many nationalities are represented in this part of town, but the most significant in members are Pakistán, Philippines, Bangladesh and Morocco.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Broken Bell of Sant Miquel del Fai

The broken bell of Sant Miquel del Fai

Sant Miquel del Fai has been featured in this blog in the past. I recommend you follow the previous link for more information about this natural park. In fact the bell was included in yet another post titled Sant Miquel del Fai Church. I really love this broken bell standing still, enduring the passing of time, right in front of a church built under a cave, in a place that seems to have held acts of pagan cult a long, long time ago and that later became l'Església de Sant Miquel (the church of Sant Miquel) around the 10th century. There is nothing like the charm of an ancient object such as this beautiful bell to blow your mind and embark you on a voyage towards a time of faith, self sacrifice and devotion when monks decided to seclude themselves in the most incredible places to carry the word of their god.

Update: Sant Miquel del Fai, up to now (2017) a private estate,  has been bought by local Barcelona authorities by 1.3 M eur and remains close now. It will be opened to the public in 2018. Entrance will be free.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gem Stores in Barcelona: Blue Howlite

Blue Howlite

Blue howlite has antiinflammatory and detoxifying properties, helps the immune system and it is used to deal with heartburn. It is also good for your memory and it is very soothing in general. It calms your anger, reduces anxiety and tension. It is said to prevent insomnia and help you remember what you dream.

Wow, considering I am not an expert in such matters and rather agnostic about gemstones and crystals I have to admit something that beautiful must have powerful qualities of some sort. Be it true or not, I love that blue. There are many gem stores such as the one selling the gemstones in the picture spread around Barcelona, here are some of them: 

Jaume I nº16
Tel: 93 268 44 52

C/ Call, 19
Tel. 933 024 830

C/Call 24-26.
Tel. 933185846
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