Barcelona Photoblog: July 2011

July 31, 2011

From my Window: Heavy Storm in Barcelona

Stormy clouds, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Apocalyptic weather, ominous skies, gusty winds with hail hitting on windows, branches violently torn off  nearby trees and hundreds of calls for help received at the fire department. It all took but one hour although it seemed like a cyclone or the arrival of a tornado. I was afraid the window pane got broken or something. I even saw a pigeon caught in mid air by the winds fighting its way to the nearest cornice unsuccessfully. And suddenly the heavy rains ceased and the sun appeared joyfully amidst the scurrying clouds. Too extreme weather for this part of the world I guess. Here is another example caught from my window in the past.

July 26, 2011

Bar Terrace at Sant Felip de Neri Square in Barcelona, Spain

Bar Terrace at Sant Felip de Neri Square in Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Bar terraces abound in Barcelona but not all of them are so quiet like this at Sant Felip de Neri square in Barri Gotic and that belongs to Hotel Neri. Besides the evident beauty of the whole square, the central fountain, the baroque church of San Felip Neri and all the history behind this mysterious and charming spot of Barcelona I have to mention that in this very spot you are watching in the picture, Woody Allen shot one the scenes of the Vicky Cristina movie. I haven't seen it and although I like his work I guess I didn't miss much, but I realize Woody has great taste for locations and for actresses like...Scarlett Johansson. With all due respect I don't like Pe. Watch this video featuring Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

July 17, 2011

Ethnic Clothing in Barcelona Streets

Purple ethnic dress, Portal del Angel,Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

I am no clothing expert and when I shoot maybe I look for a certain expression or a peculiar scene and not for how people are dressed, well, not that often I mean. This is not a fashion blog. But I reckon sometimes some colors are striking and even certain dresses stand out in the crowd. This is what looks like an Indian dress or something but don't take my word on that. If you are interested in older posts related to colorful dresses you can check these: Bollywood Dance or Punjabi Dress

No matter how misinformed I am about this topic, I am really glad we have such cultural diversity in Barcelona.

July 11, 2011

Ferretti Ice cream Shop in Barcelona: The Flavored Colors of Summer

Ferretti ice cream shop in Barcelona

Nothing like indulging in the lusty flavors of a given ice cream when the summer time comes.

There are lots of delicious small temptations to try during the season, but certainly there is nothing so voluptuous like a tasty ice cream. Choosing our flavor, while swimming in a sea of hedonist stimuli provoked by so many flashy colors, each of them recalling a story in the back of our mind, is by far one of the most intense food-triggered experiences of our life.

This Ferretti ice cream shop called my attention while walking the streets of Barri Gotic (carrer Boters 8 near Plaza de la Catedral). Nothing special to it except this franchise sells homemade ice cream or artisan gelato and that my friends is a luxury nowadays.

You can check a review of Ferretti in Foursquare. For more genuine Italian gelatos read this other post:
Where to have the best real Italian ice creams in Barcelona

July 05, 2011

Jack Nicholson in Papier Mache, Barcelona, Barri Gotic

Jack Nicholson in Paper Mache at Barcelona Shop

Yet another famous actor in papier mache at the same shop at carrer del Bisbe, near Plaça Sant Jaume in Barri Gotic, Barcelona, the one and only, Mr. Jack Nicholson with his eternal smile.

Dr. House who appeared in a very successful post here in Barcelona Photoblog in the past, has been moved as you see to a less favorable place in the display.
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