Barcelona Photoblog: August 2019

August 13, 2019

The 11 Pinterest Accounts Every Barcelona Enthusiast Should Follow


1- Pinterest uservisitbcn (Visit Barcelona)

The Consortium of Turisme de Barcelona is the official entity for promoting and boosting the tourism, cultural, commercial offer in Barcelona and its environment, created in 1993 by the City Council of Barcelona, the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona, and the Foundation for the Promotion of Barcelona. Visit Barcelona is their official visitor information Pinterest account.

Visit Barcelona

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Lovers


2- Pinterest userholabarcelonanl (Hola Barcelona) is an online travel guide about Barcelona by Marta Rubio born and raised in the city. With great pleasure she introduces you to the best sights and nicest hot spots, but also to the places that are only known to locals. All the information you need to experience Barcelona as a local can be found on or in one of her travel guides.

Pinterest board I recommend: Restaurants in Barcelona


3- Pinterest userdevour_tours (Devour Tours)

A small team of food lovers who are on a mission to help local culture thrive by connecting curious travelers with communities, cuisines, and traditions.

The leading company in food tours in Barcelona with a lot of pins about where to eat in the city, most of them from their own blog.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Travel


4- Pinterest userigori (Igor Mamantov)

Sometimes a single user with experience enough about traveling around the world, like Igor Mamantov from Chicago, Illinois, can create many attractive Pinterest boards that get to be very well indexed by search engines.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona


5- Pinterest usertheculturetrip (Culture Trip)

If you are in the travel business, are a blogger or simply are lucky to explore other places other than your home country and still haven't heard of The Culture Trip then you do not know what you are missing. With less boasting off than Lonely Planet or Conde Nast, just to mention some, this startup, born in 2011 has won itself the right to be there with top brass in the world of travel websites and of course its boards are full of wonderful articles not only about Barcelona but about almost all places you can think of.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona


6- Pinterest usercartelrev

Some users like Cartel Revolution stayed for some time in Barcelona and created boards with their visual testimony.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Spain


7- Pinterest userrosaliacasas (Catalonia my Barcelona (ciutat i prov.))

La meva ciutat (my city in Catalan) is a nice way to introduce a local approach to Barcelona. I love boards with charisma and not just a silly happy pinning. This one is a good example in my opinion.

Pinterest board I recommend: Catalonia my Barcelona Ciutat i Prov


8- Pinterest userh2bcn

One of the best ways to know a city is to be guided by the expertise of a local blogger. There are many great bloggers in Barcelona born and raised or established for long. Homage to Barcelona or H2BCN website run by our friend Rob is a source of very interesting articles with a personal approach. Rob has created many boards, some include H2BCN posts some others are just good compilations like this Barcelona Antigua below.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Antigua


9- Pinterest userjanmccorkindale

Just Jan or Jan McCorkindale pins about travel tips. When it comes to boards, tips are more useful than just an album. We have Flickr or 500px for that. So if you want to visit and you need ideas about where to stay or go in the city, check below.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Travel Ideas and Tips


10-Pinterest usermypathintheworld (My Path in the World)

"Hi! I'm Or, a passionate traveler obsessed with traveling in Spain..." this is the opening introduction at her My Path in the World website. This blogger called my attention because of the articles written at her site and how they come up handy when pinning. It is always a good idea to not just post your own stuff here and there, out of self promotion, but to provide your followers with great pins. 

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Catalunya Travel


11-Pinterest userbarcelonaphotoblog (Barcelona Photoblog)

And talking about self promotion I choose number eleven to exclude myself from top ten. So I won't extend myself.

This list pretends to be useful and gather some ideas about the state of affairs in the niche of Pinterest users and boards that pin about Barcelona. Of course there are thousands and my selection is somehow arbitrary and unfair perhaps. I would like to grow this list and update the post often. My goal is to save you time and add some value.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Wanderlust Travel


To be continued...if you want to be listed here please send me an email to

August 05, 2019

Can Marc Restaurant: An Excellent Choice at Montseny National Park

Can Marc restaurant should be in the top five list of best places to eat while enjoying the company of nature at Montseny natural park near Barcelona. I say this out of respect for the rest of good options in the area.

This little gem is hidden in a very modest road in Sant Esteve de Palautordera, a town at the Valles Oriental county (the Eastern side of Montseny park). Sant Esteve is 55 kms away from Barcelona city but still in the Barcelona province limits. There are plenty of rural activities at your disposal in this town first documented in history back in IX. As a matter of fact Can Marc is not only a restaurant but a rural farm or "Mas" in Catalan with attractive and comfortable rooms devoted to fans of nature, hiking and horse riding.

But let's go to the main course, the exquisite cuisine of Oriol Sabé with his team led by Sergi Planas

I will give you some examples with pictures. All dishes were part of the 28 Eur menu of the day although you can go A la Carte of course.

A delicious mellow rice with all the subtleties of fresh seafood, especially the famous Blanes shrimps adorned with this delicate foam.

Rice with Blanes shrimps - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

A fresh marinated cod and clams with crisp flavors although not too strong accompanied with apple slices.

Cod seviche - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

A succulent portion of roasted suckling pig with mushrooms and asparagus.

Roasted suckling pig - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

An attractively presented mushroom sautee on egg and bacon.

Sauteed mushrooms with eggs and bacon - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

And for dessert a great tatin sided with what tasted like mint or rosemary, I couldn't tell but the combination was surprisingly good.

Tatin with icecream - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

The staff is polite and very efficient. We had the Agaliu 2017 white wine (Costers del Segre D.O), ecologic and 100% Macabeu grapes which I strongly recommend you.
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