Barcelona Photoblog: June 2023

June 25, 2023

Best Barcelona Neighborhoods and Areas to Stay

Sagrada Familia design with Barcelona view in the background

Barcelona is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a wide range of neighborhoods and areas to stay in, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Whether you're interested in exploring historical landmarks, experiencing the local culture, or indulging in the city's culinary delights, Barcelona has something to offer for every traveler. Here are some of the best neighborhoods and areas to consider for your stay in Barcelona, along with recommended accommodations in each area.

1. Eixample: Known for its grid-like layout and stunning architecture, Eixample is a popular neighborhood that offers a mix of modernity and tradition. With wide boulevards, casas modernistas or art nouveau buildings, designer boutiques, and exquisite dining options, Eixample attracts visitors looking for a luxurious stay. Recommended accommodations in Eixample include:

Casa modernista at l'Eixample, Barcelona

2. Barceloneta: Formerly the old fishermen's quarter, Barceloneta sits right on the Mediterranean coast, making it an ideal choice for beach lovers. Its narrow streets are lined with low-rise buildings, and the neighborhood exudes a laid-back, seaside vibe. Enjoy fresh seafood at beachfront restaurants, take a stroll along the boardwalk, or soak up the sun on Barceloneta Beach. Recommended accommodations in Barceloneta include:

Lovers in terrace near La Barceloneta beach, Barcelona

3. El Raval: Packed with culture and diversity, El Raval is an eclectic neighborhood that appeals to the artistic and bohemian crowd. This vibrant area is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art, La Boqueria Market and the Maritime Museum. It's a great place to immerse yourself in Barcelona's thriving arts scene, savor international cuisine, and explore its lively nightlife. Recommended accommodations in El Raval include:

La Boqueria market in Barcelona

4. Gracia: Barcelona's bohemian hangout, Gracia, offers a more laid-back and local atmosphere compared to the bustling city center. This neighborhood is perfect for those seeking a tranquil retreat while still being within reach of the main attractions. Spend your holiday exploring quiet lanes, visiting charming squares, and discovering boutiques and cozy cafes. Recommended accommodations in Gracia include:

Afternoon scenes in Gracia quarter, Barcelona

5. El Poblenou: Located near the beach, El Poblenou is a trendy and up-and-coming neighborhood with a vibrant mix of old and new. Living in El Poblenou is a unique experience, from the cobblestone streets to the stunning industrial architecture. This area is known for its thriving tech and creative scene, and it offers a range of restaurants like Xiringuito Escriba, hip cafes, bars, and art galleries. Recommended accommodations in El Poblenou include:

Dessert at Escribà restaurant by the beach in Barcelona

6. Poble Sec: The neighborhood of Poble Sec is a hidden gem for foodies and theater enthusiasts. Located at the foot of Montjuïc hill (with Olympic sports facilities and MNAC museum), it offers a diverse range of restaurants, tapas bars, and live music venues. Poble Sec is also close to the popular street of Carrer Blai, known for its pintxos bars where you can sample delicious Basque cuisine. Recommended accommodations in Poble Sec include:

MNAC museum, Barcelona, Spain

When choosing the best neighborhood to stay in Barcelona, consider your interests and preferences. Each neighborhood offers a different ambiance and a variety of attractions to explore. Whether you want to be close to the beach, immerse yourself in local culture, or indulge in culinary delights, Barcelona has a neighborhood that will suit your needs and make your stay unforgettable.

June 15, 2023

Why Barcelona is Worth Visiting Against All Odds


According to Condé Nast Johansens, Barcelona is loved for its architecture, historic medieval center, lively nightlife, delicious food, and relaxed beach living. The city comes alive at night as restaurant terraces fill the streets and music pumps out of the many bars. Barcelona is also famous for its outstanding football team, sandy beaches, and world-class cuisine. The city has a vibrant cultural heritage and colorful neighborhood festivals that attract visitors from around the world.

Wow, that is quite a lot of compliment! But does Barcelona fail to meet those expectations? I would say that the exact stats are unnecessary and what counts is the general consensus.

Since there is a full range of sectors in which we must excel isn't it somehow 'logical' that we get bad grades in some subjects? Really? Of course not! For example, we may have a lively nightlife or many wonderful hallmarks but someone might steal your watch, your wallet or your cellphone in the blink of an eye, and what's worse, you might have to undergo a third degree interrogation and suffer all the useless police paperwork later on. This point does not meet expectations at all. It is hard to start the post with such negative remarks but it is not enough with tourists opening their eyes and looking after their belongings as they are told incessantly over the subway loudspeakers. It is never enough and local authorities must fix this. There are laws to enforce and measures to adopt to stop that! Some things are acceptable but insecurity is not one of them.

As you know, the general consensus about Barcelona is more than favorable and proof of that is the increase in the amount of visitors and the big money filling in the public treasury, plus the private pockets! So everybody should be happy. But then it happens that there is a local consensus when it comes to finding responsibles for the bad management and the bad grades: "the townhall mayor is to blame" I will not say names but read my lips. The point is that changes are coming after the recent municipal elections and Barcelona citizens want solutions not only for insecurity but for the well-being of every individual be it local or foreign, living in the city or just passing by and admiring whatever good we have to offer which is a lot.

Once said that, let's pull the curtain and restart the story with a positive attitude...

Yes, of course, Barcelona is always more than you expect and the more you visit the more you will love it. And even though Barcelona Photoblog does not need to convince you on such matters we can show some photographs and many good reasons to discover us. Visiting another country always has its pros and cons. Let's check why Condé Nast travel specialists must have said such beautiful words:

Why Barcelona is a Great Travel Destination

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Art and architecture: Barcelona is home to some of the most iconic works of art and architecture in the world, including the Sagrada Familia.
  • Food: Barcelona is a foodie paradise, with a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from traditional Catalan cuisine to international fare. Be sure to try some of the city's famous tapas, which are small, savory dishes that are perfect for sharing.
  • Beaches: Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and its beaches are some of the most popular in Europe. In the summer, the beaches are packed with people sunbathing, swimming, and playing beach volleyball.
  • Culture: Barcelona is a vibrant city with a rich culture. There are always plenty of things to see and do, from attending a flamenco show to exploring the city's many museums and art galleries.

Things to Do in Barcelona

If you're planning a trip to Barcelona, here are a few of the things you should definitely add to your itinerary:

  • Visit the Sagrada Familia: This unfinished cathedral is one of Antoni Gaudí's most famous works. It's a must-see for any architecture lover.
  • Explore the Gothic Quarter: This medieval neighborhood is full of narrow streets, Gothic architecture, and charming shops and cafes.
  • Relax on the beach: In the summer, the beaches in Barcelona are a great place to relax and soak up the sun.
  • Visit the Picasso Museum: This museum houses a large collection of Picasso's work. It's a great place to learn about the artist's life and work.
  • Take a walk along the Ramblas: This famous pedestrian street is lined with shops, cafes, and street performers. It's a great place to people-watch and soak up the atmosphere of Barcelona.
  • Attend a flamenco show: Flamenco is a traditional Spanish dance that is performed to the accompaniment of guitar and song. It's a great way to experience Spanish culture.
  • Take a day trip to Montserrat: This mountain range is located about an hour outside of Barcelona. It's a popular destination for hiking, biking, and sightseeing.
These are just a few of the many things you can do in Barcelona. With its stunning architecture, delicious food, vibrant nightlife, and rich culture, Barcelona is a city that has something for everyone.
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