Barcelona Photoblog: October 2011

October 24, 2011

Cava Bottles at Freixenet Cellars

Cava Bottles at Freixenet cellars [enlarge]

Some cava bottles (Catalan 'champagne') on a rack, at Freixenet cellars in Sant Sadurni de Anoia. More to come in next posts.

October 15, 2011

Rusty Nail on Old Beam

Rusty Nail on Wooden Surface [enlarge]

This nail, bolt, stud or whatever the rusty thing might be called, was piercing a very old beam outside a famous Cava (Catalan 'champagne') company which I plan to feature in coming posts. Being passionate about rust and textures in general, I thought this image was a good way to introduce tomorrow's story. Enjoy the week-end everyone! Don't forget the big picture! (click on the image)

October 11, 2011

Lupin Beans or Altramuces Pickled in Brine.

Lupine or Altramuz [enlarge]
White Lupins (Lupinus albus) or Altramuces are normally taken as a pickled snack food that accompanies beer in Spanish bars, as for example in Andalusia. It is very nutritious although I don't like it much. I've read it is rich in protein. I still think they taste bitter. Sorry for not being very talkative today.

October 05, 2011

Flamenco Dancers and the Photographic Process

Flamenco Dancers [enlarge]
There comes a time you really don't know what to do with a picture that went wrong somehow. Shall I use BW or sepia? Or shall I be bold enough to simply post it as is? There are purists and photo editing enthusiasts and everyone must cast their verdict but in the end the first person to be happy with the result must be you. Maybe not everything you do may be accepted as art, but as part of a creative process, photography, no matter how realistic it might be, implies perception, inspiration, technique and that mysterious magic nobody teaches you at school. Have you seen a child's face showing you that simple drawing you already discarded as too rudimentary? Did you notice how proud your kid was? Are you sure you saw all you had to see? Would two different people value the drawing the same way? What I want to say is that the important thing is to say something, convey your message based upon your own experience and reality. Where was I? Oh, yes. Here is a group of flamenco dancers each of them in what I thought was an interesting pose. The texture is just an additive to give some mood. I am not sure where I was heading to but had a good time editing!

October 02, 2011

Plaza Espanya: A Neuralgic Spot in Barcelona City

Plaça Espanya or Plaza España, Barcelona [enlarge] 
Here is a panoramic view of Plaza España (sp) or Plaça d'Espanya (cat). The name of the place has been mispelled on purpose in the title of this post cause Google seems to have problems with Ç and Ñ, two letters that you won't find in an English keyboard. In fact it is possible that you are not able to see them while you read this article. I digress. Plaza Espanya is a neuralgic spot in the city of Barcelona for several reasons: it is an important crossroads connecting important streets like Gran Via, Avinguda del Paral-lel and Carrer de Tarragona among others (Plaza Espanya on Google Maps); it is next to the Fira de Barcelona area, where important trade fairs take place every year; it is the main access to Montjuic fountains and Palau Nacional where MNAC museum is; La Merce celebrations are held here and in the Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina which is that promenade behind the two Venetian towers in the background. Plaça Espanya was built for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. It is said that this very spot witnessed many public executions back in the XVII century. Recently the whole place has gained relevance due to the inauguration of Las Arenas center from where I took this picture. Don't forget to click on the image for a larger view!
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