Barcelona Photoblog: May 2018

May 28, 2018

Planning Your Wedding in Barcelona? - Find 6 Best Photo Points Here

Photo credit/site Sagrada Familia Cathedral

If you are planning a destination wedding, Barcelona should be near the top of your list. Barcelona is the second largest municipality in Spain. This world-class city by the sea has unique architectural designs that are like no other.

Your wedding photography

Every couple wants photographs of this most sacred event in their lives. You may spend months looking for the perfect wedding gown at sites, you decide on the perfect colors for the bridal party, the perfect flowers to accent the attire. You inspect every detail, from the wedding cake to the invitations, You want your day to be as special as your love.

You can have your wedding photographer and videographer, but do not stop there. You are in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, and you want extraordinary photographs that draw you into the experiences you enjoyed.

An easy way to create a sufficient fund for Wedding in Barcelona

Since Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the world, it can bring you a lot of joy and happiness but also it can cause the empty pockets.  Renting the restaurant, music, wedding organization, or everything else needed for the special day, plus organizing the plane trip for your beloved ones can be pretty much expensive. There are though the tools that can help you make it happen and help you have a sufficient budget - the HoneyFund. You can ask your friends and family to contribute to the fund for the wedding and in this way make it much more special for everyone!

 Places in Barcelona That Are Of The Most Beautiful Status

     ● The Magic Fountain

                                                  Photo credit site The Magic Fountain

This beautiful fountain has been in operation since 1929. The music, lighting, and patterns it creates are world-class, drawing people from around the globe. In recent years the lights have been replaced with more energy efficient LED lighting. The fountain is driven by three water-recycling pools. During the show, it pumps more than 2600 liters of water per second.

     ● Casa Batllo

Construction on this masterpiece, created by Gaudi, began in 1877. It is made of stone, metals, woods, and ceramics. It is vibrant with many beautiful colors. It has been refurbished several times over the years. Casa Batlló sits in the center of Barcelona. This is a location you do not want to miss.

     ● Sagrada Familia

See the photograph at the introduction of this article for the beauty of Sagrada Familia. This is an unfinished Roman Catholic church, which had a multitude of world-famous architects working in unison on the project. Construction began in 1882. At its highest point, the cathedral stands 566’ tall.

Stunning Wedding Venues in Barcelona

While you, and your guests will be in awe of the beauty of Barcelona, and the photo opportunities your wedding location will bring; there is the wedding itself to deal with.

Barcelona has any jaw-dropping wedding venues that are available to you. These venues leave nothing to chance. Every detail is addressed, and you can rest easy knowing your wedding plans are being attended to even when you are not physically there.

Here are some choice locations for the unique and beautiful destination wedding of your dreams:

      ● Mas Bonvilar

This stunning facility is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. The grounds are manicured. Every detail of the ceremony is taken care of. There are beautiful trees with leaves that hang and blow in the gentle breeze. The area is lit with lovely white, twinkling lights, If you want convenience, the home is only 200 meters away from the beautiful Hilton La Mola.

      ● Gran Hotel Don Jaime

Do you want a personalized wedding like no one has ever had before? This is your venue. The beautiful hotel sits on top of a mountain, complete with the beauty of a tower. You look down over crystal clear waters. The hotel is 100% elegant. From outdoor reception areas, to state of the art indoor wedding ballrooms, your dreams will come true. The most elegant settings are provided.

Hotel rooms have full panoramic views of the sea and top-of-the-line accommodations. Only the best wedding coordinators, chefs, staff, and servers are permitted to work for this hotel.

      ● Castell de Sant Marçal

Have you always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding? Then book your wedding at this beautiful castle. The original furnishings, take you back in time. The view is perfect for a wedding and your guests can spend the night in the castle as well. There is no more unique experience than this.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Make it an event that you and your guests will always cherish. Take advantage of the modern tools of photography and create photographs that will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. Now is the time to book your venues, and Barcelona gives you plenty of choices.

Regarding Wedding Budgets

When it comes to weddings, budgets can help a couple start their new life together on a financially responsible track. It will also help you start that new life without a huge debt!

On average, couples in the US spend almost $26,000 on their weddings, with only half paying less than $15,000. That’s a huge amount for one event, even if you consider everything that goes into a wedding.

The good news: regardless of your income, you can set a budget, stick to it, and still enjoy a beautiful day with your spouse-to-be, friends, and family!

To create your budget you have to consider what’s financially feasible. If you think you’ll only be able to save up $5,000, for example, then set that as your budget and break it down into uses, such as venue, formal wear, flowers, photography, food, etc.

It may also help to identify the things that matter most to you and your fiance. Is throwing a party with great food and drinks the most important? Do you want to focus on having beautiful flowers and photos you’ll cherish for the rest of your life? By knowing what matters most, you can put that first in your budget and divide the rest for the basics.

You can also get a little more frugal with certain aspects of the wedding, such as sending e-invitations instead of paper ones. You’ll save on the cost of material, printing, and postage--money that can be used elsewhere!

May 02, 2018

Top Tips for Exploring Barcelona’s Natural World

Costa Brava north of Barcelona

Barcelona is famed for being home to one of the most cosmopolitan cityscapes in the world, where people travel from countries far and wide to see its beautiful baroque buildings and learn about its history. But, that is not all there is to it. In fact, within the city and surrounding its edges are numerous natural wonders which people overlook when they visit. If you are hoping to inject a dose of the natural world into your trip and escape from the busy crowds of the centre, you will not be disappointed. From city beaches to mountainous abbeys, there is something here that everyone can enjoy, whether you are a nature lover or not.

Visit city parks 

One of the city’s biggest perks is that you don’t have to travel far to find some green spaces. There are many parks you can find that are easy to reach by jumping on the metro or walking the short distance. For example, the famous Park Guell is home to some of Gaudi’s iconic architecture, where bright trees line the paths that lead to the perfect picnic spots and colourful buildings. Here, you can also catch a glimpse of the sea on the horizon. A trip to Barcelona wouldn’t be the same without heading to the Ciutadella Park, where you can catch sight of exotic wildlife in the zoo. For a more natural escape, the Jardi Botanic de Barcelona has views of rolling hills, forests, and exotic fauna in contrast to the bustling city alongside it. Such places are the perfect setting to take some pictures to commemorate your trip.

Travel outside the city

The green spaces inside the city are a great introduction to the natural world that lies beyond the metro line. In such places, you can enjoy hiking and biking, but you can also go camping in the warmer weather for an unforgettable experience. To make the most of the mountainous land nearby, you should make the short drive to Serra de Collserola, where you can catch mountain views as you explore. To get to these areas, it is best for you to travel in a car rental if you don’t have your car with you. This will ensure you can see some of the best natural scenery on the drive there. 

Relax on the beach

When people think of the natural world, they often picture green forests and mountainous terrain. However, beaches are also a great way to make the most of it if you don’t want to spend your days surrounded by greenery. There are many city beaches you can relax on like Playa de la Barceloneta, but you can find the most peaceful by traveling further down the coast. For a few short hours or an evening trip away, you should catch the train to Platja de Sant Sebastia, which offers great views of old town and the sea. There are other beaches to explore nearby. For a more unique beach experience, travel north to Platja de L’Illa Roja, where you can find impossibly clear waters and rocky, coastal hikes to indulge your beach dreams.
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