Barcelona Photoblog: 2019

October 07, 2019

Palo Alto Market Barcelona Fest

^Palo Alto Market Fest Meat and Chimichurri Sandwich by Dos Boludos

The Palo Alto Market Fest is all you can expect from a festival, it is indeed a fiesta in which locals and foreigners alike have indulged year after year, on the first weekend of every month to be more precise. Based on the idea of Javier and Pedrin Mariscal and their foundation, the Palo Alto Market Fest is part of a bigger project, a creative hub, an island within the city, that implied the rescue of the old and abandoned Gal i Puigsech factory not without discrepancies with the town hall.

The Palo Alto festival, encompasses a little bit of everything you can expect from a street market plus an extra and much more relevant additive: culture. In the particular cozy atmosphere of its inner space in which art galleries blend with food trucks, you can enjoy concerts, workshops, exhibitions, find vintage articles, handmade crafts, recycled products, the latest trends in design, beautiful jewelry, street style fashion, organic food, you name it.

Palo Alto Market Fest inner courtyard

This privileged 3,700 m2 space is a great opportunity for local artists and creators to display their work and the ideal place for visitors to get in contact with what's cooking in street or urban culture in Barcelona while pampering one's stomach.

Admission to Palo Alto Market Barcelona 2019: 4.50 eur on site, 3.50 online.

August 13, 2019

The 11 Pinterest Accounts Every Barcelona Enthusiast Should Follow


1- Pinterest uservisitbcn (Visit Barcelona)

The Consortium of Turisme de Barcelona is the official entity for promoting and boosting the tourism, cultural, commercial offer in Barcelona and its environment, created in 1993 by the City Council of Barcelona, the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona, and the Foundation for the Promotion of Barcelona. Visit Barcelona is their official visitor information Pinterest account.

Visit Barcelona

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Lovers


2- Pinterest userholabarcelonanl (Hola Barcelona) is an online travel guide about Barcelona by Marta Rubio born and raised in the city. With great pleasure she introduces you to the best sights and nicest hot spots, but also to the places that are only known to locals. All the information you need to experience Barcelona as a local can be found on or in one of her travel guides.

Pinterest board I recommend: Restaurants in Barcelona


3- Pinterest userdevour_tours (Devour Tours)

A small team of food lovers who are on a mission to help local culture thrive by connecting curious travelers with communities, cuisines, and traditions.

The leading company in food tours in Barcelona with a lot of pins about where to eat in the city, most of them from their own blog.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Travel


4- Pinterest userigori (Igor Mamantov)

Sometimes a single user with experience enough about traveling around the world, like Igor Mamantov from Chicago, Illinois, can create many attractive Pinterest boards that get to be very well indexed by search engines.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona


5- Pinterest usertheculturetrip (Culture Trip)

If you are in the travel business, are a blogger or simply are lucky to explore other places other than your home country and still haven't heard of The Culture Trip then you do not know what you are missing. With less boasting off than Lonely Planet or Conde Nast, just to mention some, this startup, born in 2011 has won itself the right to be there with top brass in the world of travel websites and of course its boards are full of wonderful articles not only about Barcelona but about almost all places you can think of.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona


6- Pinterest usercartelrev

Some users like Cartel Revolution stayed for some time in Barcelona and created boards with their visual testimony.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Spain


7- Pinterest userrosaliacasas (Catalonia my Barcelona (ciutat i prov.))

La meva ciutat (my city in Catalan) is a nice way to introduce a local approach to Barcelona. I love boards with charisma and not just a silly happy pinning. This one is a good example in my opinion.

Pinterest board I recommend: Catalonia my Barcelona Ciutat i Prov


8- Pinterest userh2bcn

One of the best ways to know a city is to be guided by the expertise of a local blogger. There are many great bloggers in Barcelona born and raised or established for long. Homage to Barcelona or H2BCN website run by our friend Rob is a source of very interesting articles with a personal approach. Rob has created many boards, some include H2BCN posts some others are just good compilations like this Barcelona Antigua below.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Antigua


9- Pinterest userjanmccorkindale

Just Jan or Jan McCorkindale pins about travel tips. When it comes to boards, tips are more useful than just an album. We have Flickr or 500px for that. So if you want to visit and you need ideas about where to stay or go in the city, check below.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Travel Ideas and Tips


10-Pinterest usermypathintheworld (My Path in the World)

"Hi! I'm Or, a passionate traveler obsessed with traveling in Spain..." this is the opening introduction at her My Path in the World website. This blogger called my attention because of the articles written at her site and how they come up handy when pinning. It is always a good idea to not just post your own stuff here and there, out of self promotion, but to provide your followers with great pins. 

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Catalunya Travel


11-Pinterest userbarcelonaphotoblog (Barcelona Photoblog)

And talking about self promotion I choose number eleven to exclude myself from top ten. So I won't extend myself.

This list pretends to be useful and gather some ideas about the state of affairs in the niche of Pinterest users and boards that pin about Barcelona. Of course there are thousands and my selection is somehow arbitrary and unfair perhaps. I would like to grow this list and update the post often. My goal is to save you time and add some value.

Pinterest board I recommend: Barcelona Wanderlust Travel


To be continued...if you want to be listed here please send me an email to

August 05, 2019

Can Marc Restaurant: An Excellent Choice at Montseny National Park

Can Marc restaurant should be in the top five list of best places to eat while enjoying the company of nature at Montseny natural park near Barcelona. I say this out of respect for the rest of good options in the area.

This little gem is hidden in a very modest road in Sant Esteve de Palautordera, a town at the Valles Oriental county (the Eastern side of Montseny park). Sant Esteve is 55 kms away from Barcelona city but still in the Barcelona province limits. There are plenty of rural activities at your disposal in this town first documented in history back in IX. As a matter of fact Can Marc is not only a restaurant but a rural farm or "Mas" in Catalan with attractive and comfortable rooms devoted to fans of nature, hiking and horse riding.

But let's go to the main course, the exquisite cuisine of Oriol Sabé with his team led by Sergi Planas

I will give you some examples with pictures. All dishes were part of the 28 Eur menu of the day although you can go A la Carte of course.

A delicious mellow rice with all the subtleties of fresh seafood, especially the famous Blanes shrimps adorned with this delicate foam.

Rice with Blanes shrimps - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

A fresh marinated cod and clams with crisp flavors although not too strong accompanied with apple slices.

Cod seviche - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

A succulent portion of roasted suckling pig with mushrooms and asparagus.

Roasted suckling pig - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

An attractively presented mushroom sautee on egg and bacon.

Sauteed mushrooms with eggs and bacon - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

And for dessert a great tatin sided with what tasted like mint or rosemary, I couldn't tell but the combination was surprisingly good.

Tatin with icecream - Can Marc restaurant - Palautordera

The staff is polite and very efficient. We had the Agaliu 2017 white wine (Costers del Segre D.O), ecologic and 100% Macabeu grapes which I strongly recommend you.

July 09, 2019

Perfect Holidays on Costa Brava? Come to Blanes!

Sightseeing boat at Blanes beach in Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

If you are planning your vacation on Costa Brava, the town of Blanes should be on your list not just because it has a long and wide beach from where sightseeing boats like this depart or because you can find budget accommodation in all inclusive hotels or in a nice Catalan villa, but also due to the fact that the door to Costa Brava, as it is known Blanes, has much more to offer than you could think of:

First of all, its Mediterranean history, a history that tells us of Iberian settlements upon whose ruins Romans built an oppidum, "an ancient Roman provincial town lacking self-government, especially one having walls and fortifications and serving as a provincial strong point" (Merriam - Webster), which they called Blanda or Blandae after a city by the same name in Lucania, a region from ancient Italy. Remnants of the Roman Blanda were found during the els Pedrets excavations in the 70s and also at the parish church, at Racó d’en Portes and near Sant Francesc hermitage. The reason for these strongholds to exist were basically for protection of the coastal towns from pirates or from land incursions.

Of course history extends further, a history of landlords, of castles, of Genoese attacks, of Catalan splendor, of invasions, of migrations to America (Havana, Montevideo and Buenos Aires), but I will not digress.

Based upon such rich past, there grew a fishermen town with an intense activity that was also centered in the industry of textile and cork. Shipyards building fishing boats, frigates and brigantines were also part of the city's main industry in previous centuries. As you can guess, much of those early trades are now secondary to tourism although fishing is still around. Worth mentioning is the local fishing fleet that every morning sails the Mediterranean to bring their fresh captures to be auctioned and sold at nine market stalls from where they go straight to meet the touristic demand.

Blanes together with Lloret de Mar, Malgrat de Mar, Tordera and Palafolls municipalities is part of what is known as the Catalan void, a territory between Maresme and La Selva comarques. This area experienced an important demographic and town planning growth during the XX century. Important migrations from the South of Spain took place then, first during the 20s after the opening of the SAFA artificial fiber factory (1923) and later from 1955 to 1970, coinciding with mass tourism boom. This considerable flux of migrants gave Blanes its unique trait, a melting pot of cultures, from where new Catalans were born.

But why is Blanes good for holidays?

A good reason to visit could be the local cuisine. Take for example this incredible paella I had at Celler Sant Antoni  restaurant very conveniently located near the beach and the marina. I'd also recommend laBalma restaurant or the terrace of Es Blanc.

Seafood Paella or Paella Marinera at Celler Sant Antoni in Blanes, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

Another reason may be because accommodation is cheaper than in other Costa Brava towns like Cadaques or Begur for example. Vacation rentals in Blanes might as well be another affordable option for you. From there you could move along the coast easily visiting nearby towns.

Besides eating and sleeping of course, there is always time to walk along carrer Ample to find the beautiful Gothic fountain from 1438, look for Casa Saladrigas by a disciple of Gaudi, visit Marimurtra, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the Mediterranean, organize a wildlife tour to the Tordera delta, dive in Blanes waters, escalate to the 1582 convent on top of the cliffs overlooking the port or the castle of Sant Joan (better to go by car) and last but not least buy vegs and fresh fruit at the daily market at Passeig de Dintre.

There are plenty of other things to do in Blanes, like going hiking along Cami de Ronda till Cala Bona the favorite beach of locals or getting lost in the intense nightlife of the little cousin, Lloret de Mar.

The list might go on endlessly. I hope that after you enjoy your Costa Brava holidays you come up here and share some more hints with our community.

July 02, 2019

What to See When Vacationing in Spain

Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

Spain is one of the world’s countries most steeped in culture and history. The nation draws in millions of tourists each year to enjoy its beaches, food, music, art and sculpture. Spain’s ideal geographic location in Europe helped the creation of its centuries old empire. Remnants of the empires last today seen in the bits and pieces of Spanish culture that dot places from Latin America to Northern Africa. Visitors to Spain have a lot to choose from when it comes to itineraries. They could spend the whole time soaking in the Mediterranean sun or dancing to music in the evening streets. If they’re road warriors, they can spend weeks traveling the country trying out the wide variety of food, people and architecture that Spain offers. Even better is the fact that Spain offers a more affordable travel destination than other European tourist powerhouses like France and Germany. You can spend less, get more out of your stay in Spain and walk away with a five-star experience. Here are some of the best things to see across the country on your Spanish getaway.


Granada is home to the most visited monument in Spain: The Nasrid Palace is famous around the world for its tile work, exquisite stucco ceilings, as well as beautiful pools, fountains and gardens. Over three million people come to Granada every year. The Alhambra is a place and fortress that was built in 889 A.D. on top of old roman buildings. The palace is a literal storytelling of Spain’s history as it changed between the hands of different rulers over the years. The building’s Muslim architecture is a relic of past Islamic empires that ruled the region. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors to Granada will learn that a lot of songs and tales in Spain are tied to the palace and its history. One of the biggest draws inside the palace is the Court of Myrtles. The Court was used to help cool the palace and was also a symbol of central power. The center pool is crafted with marble pavement with galleries alongside the corridors. One of the most incredible technological feats inside of the palace is the Fountain of the Lions. Twelve marble lions supporting the fountain were made to spew water from its mouth each hour, a hydraulic feat for its time.

The Sagrada Familia Basilica

Located in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is perhaps the most recognizable of all Spanish architectures. Though initially started under Francesc de Paula del Villar in 1882, famous architect Gaudi took over the job the next year and worked on the church until he died in 1926. In fact, Barcelona is known for other Gaudi projects across the city, and people love the way old avant-garde Gaudi buildings mesh with traditional modern and old Spanish architecture, many visitors are surprised to find out that construction is still ongoing, meaning the building has been on for 137 years. Currently, Joseph Maria Subirachs leads the construction project, and the basilica is nearing completion. The Sagrada Familia is known for its tall spires and detailed exterior. The twelve towers symbolize the twelve original apostles, and the three facades represent the Nativity, the Passion and Death, and the Glory of Christ. The Sagrada Familia is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Construction is funded by ticket sales and private donations.

Madrid’s Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is one of the greatest collections of art in the world. It’s recognized as the largest art gallery in the world, housing more than 7,500 paintings. Only a small portion of the collection can be displayed at any given time because of space restrictions despite recent additions. The Prado Museum came into being when Charles III combined the disparate royal collections so the people could view them in one place. An interesting bit of history- during the Spanish Civil War, the Prado collection was sent to Switzerland for safekeeping. Once the war ended, it was sent back during the Second World War. In addition to its thousands of paintings, the Prado Museum is home to many marble sculptures, coin collections, and other pieces. Construction on the museum started in the late 18th century and continued for around thirty-five years. Many art collectors still choose to leave their pieces to the Prado Museum when they die, so the collection continues to grow. As a result, more additions have been put on the original buildings. In 2007, a US $219 million addition that took ten years to complete was built to hold large temporary exhibits.

Cathedral of Seville

Seville is one of the most scenic locations in Spain, drawing in international visitors who want to take in the culture of the renowned city. The Cathedral of Seville is the heart of it. It’s also among the oldest of Spain’s famous architecture. Started in 1401, the cathedral was symbolically constructed on top of the Moorish mezquita that was there before. The final stage of the cathedral was finished over three hundred years after building began. No expense was spared during construction. The building has over 75 stained glass windows, marble floors, bronze candelabras and more. Among the other draws to the city, the Cathedral of Seville is famous because it houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the famous explorer who discovered the Americas. The cathedral is home to over 500 pieces of priceless artwork, and, you guessed it, the cathedral is also UNESCO World Heritage Site, underscoring the amount of historical treasures to be found in Spain.

These four locations are just the foundation to a wonderful Spanish vacation itinerary. The country has hundreds, if not thousands, of other worthwhile locations and attractions. You’ll find world class music, food, sport and shopping around the country. Getting around is easy and the Spanish people are among the friendliest in the world. Visitors walk away from Spain with a greater appreciation of the region’s history that has done so much to shape the world around us.

June 24, 2019

Sant Joan's Eve Cocas and Fireworks

One more year Catalonia and its capital Barcelona celebrate the arrival of summer with this traditional festivity known as Revetlla de Sant Joan /Verbena de San Juan / Saint John's Eve.

Sant Joan is a moment to share with family and friends and who made the first bonfire is certainly unknown since all the summer welcoming celebrations of history occurred once in a long gone night of mankind when it was time to thank the gods, make a toast for past victories, blessing crops and guarantee a better future. The longest day of the year, the solstice seems to be the perfect occasion to rejoice from dusk to dawn drinking and eating in the most pagan ways. Fortunately there is no need to sacrifice animals or virgins anymore.

Of course in spite of the 'tribal rituals' of the night there is also the feast that commemorates Saint John The Baptist's birth that no one seems to remember anymore. The fact is that bonfires made of bones and wood, something rather hard to find in Barcelona nowadays, are called St John's Fire and that was perfect to repel witches in the past, who knows if even today!

The bonfires can be seen along the Catalan geography by the thousands especially at the beach (a celebration that this year 2019 generated 20 tons of crap on the capital's waterfront)

Those who prefer to celebrate at home or on the city streets, limit themselves to fireworks of all sorts like the one on top that, as somebody suggested to me at the Barcelona Reddit, looks like one of Dr. Strange's portals.

The stars of the night are the famous Cocas de Sant Joan which are of different kinds according to the ingredients. Here is a Coca made of brioche, candied fruit, pine nut and cream filling.

Here is another Coca de Sant Joan known as Coca de Llardons, a flat pastry cake made with eggs, sugar, pork crackling (llardons) and pine nuts. What if you try a Coca de Llardons recipe?

Do not forget some nice Catalan cava as the perfect dressing of a memorable evening!

June 17, 2019

Citroën DS 23 in Black, A Sleek Shark

Citroen DS 23 Black Front View

One of the best French cars ever made and I believe of the most beautiful in the whole history of car design is Citroën DS. This Citroën DS 23 in black with that sleek shark look, so well taken care of, so polished, I shot during a Classic Car exhibition in Montjuic a long time ago. Check this article about DS 19.

Citroen DS 23 Black Rear View

Other cars who became classics appeared in Barcelona Photoblog in the past. Take a look at some of them now that you are here: Classic Cars

May 17, 2019

How to plan the perfect trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect holiday location if you want an exciting city break with plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches and plenty of exciting attractions to enjoy. Millions of tourists enjoy its long golden beaches, stunning architecture, and beautiful parks every year. It’s always best to be prepared before you travel in order to get the most out of your holiday. Take a look at these helpful tips to help you plan the best break possible.

Choose where to stay

Barcelona is a fairly spread out city and where you stay will have a big impact on the kind of trip you will have. Here are some recommendations on the top places to stay in Barcelona:

  • Gothic Quarter - This is Barcelona’s oldest neighborhood and also considered the most beautiful. It’s the most popular area with tourists and has plenty of great restaurants, bars, and attractions nearby.
  • Las Ramblas - Barcelona’s most popular and busiest road! Staying on Las Ramblas means you’ll be right in the center of the action and near all of the city’s main attractions.
  • Gracia - This hip village has some of Gaudi's most famous works within easy walking distance. It’s also a lot quieter and less crowded.
  • El Born - This area looks similar to the Gothic Quarter, but with a more residential feel and far fewer tourists.

Decide how to get around

Once you know where you will be staying, you need to decide how to get around. Fortunately, Barcelona has a great metro system which makes navigating the city fairly straightforward. Renting a car is another great option as it offers convenience and flexibility, especially if you want to go outside of the city and main tourist areas. It's also pretty straightforward to arrange, with plenty of car hire companies offering Discount International Car Rental, so you should find it easy to find a good deal! Generally, the early you book the better the price, but you should still be able to find good last-minute rental deals if you want to plan a spontaneous Spanish road trip.

Find the best attractions

Barcelona is perfect for travelers of all ages! Adults can appreciate the fascinating history, architecture, and culture, but there’s also plenty of things to keep kids entertained too. Make sure you do some research and make a list of attractions you want to visit. You can use resources like travel websites and blogs to find recommendations. Here are some of the best attractions you should be sure to check out when visiting Barcelona:

  • La Sagrada Familia - Designed by Antoni Gaudi, this impressive building dominates the city skyline and is one of the world’s most visited basilicas.
  • Park Guell - This is a beautiful large park showcasing some of Gaudi’s best work.
  • Barcelona Cathedral - An impressive example of gothic architecture that offers amazing photo opportunities.
  • The Magic Fountains of Montjuic - The fountain puts on an amazing nightly light, music and water performance that shouldn’t be missed.

March 28, 2019

World’s Tallest Building in Dubai - Burj Khalifa!

Dubai is located on the Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. It is an exotic city which welcomes millions of visitors every year. It is mainly renowned for the luxurious lifestyle, hospitality of people and where you can do world class shopping.

Travel from Barcelona to Dubai for the First Time 

If you are travelling to Dubai for the first time, then you should have all the details about the airport terminals. Emirates airlines provide direct flights and they are bit of less hectic than the break journey. Qatar airways can also be an option. They do stop at Doha once before continuing for Dubai. If you are looking forward to have a trip from Barcelona to Dubai, then you can take Swiss, Pegasus, and Emirates flight too. 

About Dubai: 

The infrastructure of the whole place is outstanding and it gives out a very dynamic energy to the tourists. Dubai is a hot and happening place; one can find all sorts of innovative architecture here. The landmark architecture of Dubai is Burj Khalifa, any tour is incomplete without witnessing that. 



Where to stay in Dubai: 

One will never have to face any shortage of hotels in Dubai, especially the luxury resorts. The most prosperous areas are the places near the Dubai mall, where the Burj Khalifa is situated. On the either end one can find the Dubai Marina with Burj Al Arab close by the place. There is also the “strip” located on the exact opposite with the charm of Old Dubai. Jumeirah beach is filled with exotic hotels, resorts and restaurants. It is a great delight for the tourists.


Why People opt to go to Burj Khalifa? 

Burj Khalifa was launched in the year 2010, it is a skyscraper and one of the most brilliant architecture in the world. It is around 828 metres and has 160 stories and holds the record of being the tallest building in the world. It also has the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, and the elevator travels the longest distance. If you stand beneath the tower, then it will appear like a spiral upwards into the sky like petals of a flower. The interiors are inspired by the local culture in fusion with contemporary design. 


Architecture of Burj Khalifa

The architecture is basically an abstract figure of a hymenocallis flower; it features a triple lobbed footprint. It has three main elements that are arranged around the central core. The Y-shaped structure with setbacks provides the support and a stable configuration. At the tallest tower in the world one can have an experience of a lifetime. Architecture is mostly likely the Islamic style.

Tickets for Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa tickets are one of the most sought after attraction passes in Dubai. It is noted for hosting the world’s highest observation decks. There cannot be a better view than this; it will leave every visitor awestruck. One can get the tickets and have dinner in the skies with their beloved.

Things to do in Burj Khalifa

There are a lot of places that one can visit in Burj Khalifa; the Burj Khalifa park is a famous place to visit. Lounges, spas and restaurants are found in the park, designer goods and boutiques are considered as a great purchase. The park allows the tourists to enjoy every attraction around the place.

March 25, 2019

A Travel to Miravet Castle in Tarragona, Spain

Declared as a site of national interest and opened to the public in 1994, the Castle of Miravet is one of those secret places of Catalonia that are a must in an avid traveler's agenda, only 50 kms away from famous Costa Dorada!
As you can appreciate above, the castle was built on a bend of the Ebro river and dominates over a landscape of fertile lands where vineyards are predominant.

From the rock on which it stands one cannot avoid to recall those centuries of history behind the renown building and the villagers that enjoyed such remarkable views.

From Iberians to Muslims, from Templars to feudal lords, from Carlists to Bourbons, from Nationalists to Republicans, each of them had the chance to rejoice in the same landscape.

There were people here, according to the oldest remains found, since 2 BC, Iberians to be precise. Later, came the Arabs or the Moors, as they were known in Al-Andalus, the name they gave to their dominions in Spain. By the 11th century, they had built this impressive defensive fortress which was expanded in coming decades in order to protect themselves from military incursions of groups organized by powerful Catalan counts. Bear in mind that, after many years of prosperity toiling these lands, the time came when only Miravet and Siurana remained as the last redoubts of the Moorish period.

It was Ramon Berenguer IV, one of those feudal lords, who took the castle from them and gave it to the Templar Knights. For almost two centuries they dominated the fortress which they improved until 1307, year in which, the Spanish Inquisition, instigated by Philip the Handsome, King of France, starts persecuting Templars in France as a result of which James II of Catalonia and Aragon sets on doing the same in Miravet. After two months of resistance to the siege imposed by James, Templars are imprisoned and sent to trials by the Inquisition. The order of the Temple is dissolved and their assets confiscated and transferred to the order of Hospital de Sant Joan de Jerusalem also known as Hospitallers.

But if you want to know more about this Romanesque building and you are fond of Catalonia castle tours it is better that you visit this place and its idyllic environment.

Miravet Castle

Contact details
Carrer del Castell, s/n
+34 977 407 368
Miravet, Tarragona (Catalonia)


Autonomous region: Catalonia
Province/Island: Tarragona

Practical information


From Jun 01 to Sep 30
From 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

From Oct 01 to Dec 15
From 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

From Dec 16 to Feb 28
From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

From Mar 01 to May 31
From 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM


General: €3,50
Reduced: €2,50
ICOM members and associations: Admission free

March 18, 2019

3 Secret and Underappreciated Spots in Barcelona

It’s no secret that Barcelona is straining under the weight of the explosion of tourists it has received over the last decade. Each year, more and more visitors head out to the Catalan capital, and the city is struggling to keep pace. Part of the issue is that everyone wants to see the same things, at the same time: the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, the Gothic Cathedral, the Picasso Museum. Every day, thousands of tourists all congregate in the same areas of the city, and overcrowding is a serious issue causing many problems.

However, it is still possible to visit Barcelona and be a part of the solution and not the problem. One way you can ease the burden on those over-visited sights is to take a guided tour of some of Barcelona’s lesser visited spots. Not only will this allow you to appreciate the city from another perspective, but you’ll also understand more of the history and culture that makes the city unique. Once you’re done with that, why not check out these other three underappreciated spots and expand your knowledge of this truly special place.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto looks a lot like any other dilapidated factory complex in the Poblenou district. However, behinds its industrial facade lies a vibrant and dynamic hub of innovation and creativity. Home to offices and coworking spaces, the inner courtyard is bursting with exotic plants and other greenery. Cafes and event spaces also help to give the atmosphere an electric buzz throughout the week.

On the first weekend of the month, The Palo Alto Market brings together an eclectic mix of food trucks, vintage stalls, and artisanal crafts alongside some great music and a generally laidback atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to visit these hidden gardens and get a taste for Barcelona’s entrepreneurial side.

Carmel Bunkers


If you’re looking for THE best views across Barcelona, then you need to head out to the Carmel Bunkers. Standing at a height of 262 meters, these Spanish Civil War era antiaircraft bunkers offer 360º views over the city, and plenty of interesting history to complement those spectacular landscapes. For instance, it’s interesting to note that, while the name would suggest otherwise, these concrete structures were never actually bunkers, and only provided foundations for the antiaircraft artillery over a short period of the civil war.

After the civil war, these concrete turrets fell into disrepair. However, with space at a premium in Barcelona, the area quickly grew into a shanty town that existed until the 1990s. Today, the area has been regenerated by the municipality, however, you can learn more about the colorful history of the Carmel Bunkers at the MUHBA exhibition onsite. Entry to the Bunkers is free and they’re open 24/7.

Antic Theatre

( source)

Another secret idyll in the heart of Barcelona, the Antic Theatre lies just a few meters from the Palau de la Música. Featuring a large open-air terrace, the courtyard is surrounded by typical Catalan architecture that creates a particularly intimate and authentic space to escape the sun for midday drinks. A favorite haunt of Barcelona’s hip young things, the Antic Theatre always has a healthy buzz echoing through the courtyard.

After you’ve enjoyed some great food and drinks, you’ll find that the theatre itself also hosts an eclectic selection of productions throughout the year, and the free-thinking spirit of its members maintain the themes of “independence, sustainability, and resistance” through workshops and other community-based programs. For theatre lovers, or anyone with a taste for something a little different, the Antic Theatre is a must-visit venue on our list of underappreciated spots in Barcelona.

March 14, 2019

Ebro River View From Miravet Castle, Tarragona, Catalonia

A view from the Castle of Miravet over a bend on river Ebro
Ebro river as seen from Miravet Castle

This is what you could see if you were visiting Castell de Miravet (Miravet Castle) in Tarragona. 

Catalonia is full of wonderful secret places awaiting for you to discover should you dare to go a little out of the usual tourist path. 

From a castle built on sheer rock by the Moors and later inhabited by the Templars, located on one of the banks of Ebro river, you may let your imagination wander and think of past times when it was necessary to protect your private paradise from invasions. Check for more pictures and information in the next post.
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