Barcelona Photoblog: February 2010

February 28, 2010

Hip-Hop Dancer, Barcelona

Hip-Hop Dancer, Barcelona [enlarge]

My daughter's young hip-hop teacher during a performance in La Masia cultural center in Nou Barris. I couldn't know less about hip-hop being from the old school and born in 63 but I have to admit that movements rock and look swell in a photograph. The most interesting thing was not in isolated frames (come too think of it if it weren't for the clothes and shoes there is no hint of hip hop in this shot) but in the full series: hip-hop dancer.

February 24, 2010

Dr. Bartomeu Robert Monument by Catalan Sculptor Josep Llimona, Plaza Tetuan, Barcelona

Dr. Bartomeu Robert Monument by Catalan Sculptor Josep Llimona, Plaza Tetuan, Barcelona [enlarge]

On Plaça de Tetuan, Barcelona at the intersection of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Passeig de Sant Joan, there is this magnificent monument built in honor of Bartomeu Robert aka Dr. Robert, physician, teacher, renown Catalan politician and city mayor after 1899. Based on a project by Domenech i Montaner, the monument was finished by sculptor Josep Llimona in 1910. It was originally located at Plaça Universitat but later dismounted and stored during Franco's dictatorship. The sculptures remained well preserved till they were set back in place at the new location in 1985. The main figure is on the other side but this group of people representing the Catalan family and Catalan workers really caught my attention, in the morning light against the sky.

February 23, 2010

Casa Ramon Oller, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 658, Barcelona

Casa Ramon Oller, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 658 [enlarge]

Modernista balconies are authentic Barcelona hallmarks. Catalan Art Nouveau is everywhere, in every detail and displayed in full splendor. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, one of our main arteries holds very good samples of this art such as this apartment building at number 658. The place you see here is a restoration made in 1900-1901. The original house dates back to 1871 and had been designed by Eduard Fontseré. The reform was carried out by architect Pau Salvat i Espasa (1872-1923) later on. Notice the magnificent ironwork especially on the tribune and the leaded glass panels.

February 22, 2010

Flamenco Dancer: Hands

Flamenco dancer's hands

Flamenco artist during an audition at La Masia de la Guineueta, a cultural institution in Parc Central de Nou Barris. I was there to see my daughter dance, not in this category but in hip-hop and I was sitting in the first row. I took some more pictures that I will probably show soon. Look at the hands and the elegant pose. Such beautiful back and shoulders she has! Happy entering in the new week.

February 17, 2010

Carnival in Barcelona: La Merce Market

Carnival in Barcelona: La Merce Market [enlarge]

Another picture from this particular series taken in La Merce market last weekend during Barcelona carnival celebrations. I guess it is not very comfortable to work wearing a joker costume but it all helped cheering up the season and the lousy weather.

February 16, 2010

Barcelona Carnival: Fantasy of a Little Princess

Snow White costume - Barcelona Carnival in La Merce market [enlarge]

I don't really know what the costume is about. Snow White perhaps. Whatever it is who knows how many fantasies populate this child's mind, how different can she see the world through her rose colored infant glasses. Perhaps this market is full of fairies hiding behind those huge stands from where they gently offer treats. I couldn't resist using the classic color isolation trick.

February 15, 2010

Barcelona Carnival: Butcher in Disguise at La Merce Market

Butcher lady holding carving knife and wearing carnival costume

La Merce market in Nou Barris quarter (Pg Fabra i Puig 270-272) participated as usual in the Barcelona carnival activities. As it is traditional at this time of the year workers wore costumes while serving clients. In the picture this lady butcher with wig and red hat had no problem in skillfully slicing that chunk of meat. Maybe you came out with some artificial hair in your food but who cares, it is carnival time.

February 11, 2010

Mosaic: Els Gegantons del Pi by M. Guivernau

Els Gegantons del Pi by M. Guivernau [enlarge]

Mosaic at Barri Gotic by M. Guivernau near Plaça del Pi. I don't remember the exact point. Most of these mosaics are on carrer Petritxol but this one in particular I cannot recall. I have been busy lately so I just post the picture and a short text.

February 08, 2010

The Arch of Triumph: Celestial Trumpets

The Arch of Triumph, Barcelona, Spain

Imposing rose the brick walls of Barcelona's Arch of Triumph. Archangels on the frieze seemed to be stalking while pretending to be blowing the trumpets to merrily celebrate victory. I decided to edit the picture with some infrared color and then tinted black and white to add some more dramatism to the image. In case you want to see the whole monument, other details of the architecture or learn about its history please check these previous posts:

February 05, 2010

The Photographer

The Photographer [enlarge]

Why freezing a fragment of reality when we can live that same reality right now? Why do we collect memories if the past is no more? It was not always so. First we painted a hunting scene on the walls of the cave to evoke our deeds and then it all began. We are extremely fond of memories. We perfected the tools till we imprinted reality on a piece of paper not without effort at first and then we made it universal. Now everybody can be the painter of the tribe. Popularity makes it harder to be original though. Reality is just reality and chances are too many people shoot from the same angle and focus on the same subject. But luckily we are more than button pushers. We carry that magic stuff called soul. We like to find beauty around us, create and obtain self satisfaction with the result, just like the first day in that cave. And just as tools didn't create men but certainly helped them grow the same happens with cameras. With the right gear you can express yourself better but always remember that ancient caveman, the photographer in you.

February 04, 2010

Immigrants: Through the Mirror

Immigrants in Barcelona [enlarge]

Ghosts pass you by, wandering, roaming the streets like penitent souls. You could swear you saw two of them out of the corner of your eye. You try not to stare at those in another dimension, passing through the mirror. They don't seem to be real, so "different" as they are. And there they go, in silence. They do stare at you from time to time, or so it seems, as if they would like to say something but they cannot communicate with you being on the other side. Someone sent them to that uncertain world to pay for sins that never were. But wait a minute, are you really sure which side you are? What if your side of the mirror is not paradise? Please don't judge other people by appearances, get rid of those prejudices, just who do you think you are? You are nothing but another monkey on the more idyllic side of the woods. Homo sapiens are just a bunch of immigrants no matter what. Who told us to leave from Africa anyway? Humans go from place to place at will. So it has been and so it should be forever more. Borders are meant to be trespassed. So think twice, maybe you are the immigrant next time.

February 01, 2010

Maremagnum Barcelona, Shopping Center and Leisure Resort: A Bird's Eye View

Maremagnum Barcelona, Shopping Center and Leisure Resort

Maremagnum Barcelona due to its privileged location is a sort of magnet that attracts tourists and locals alike. The shopping center does not hold the best stores in town, neither the best restaurants or the most thrilling attractions in the city but the fact is this renown place has a little of it all and it happens to be by the sea, in this sort of detached wharf where you seem to be floating on wooden planks spellbound by the smell of saltpeter, watching seagulls fly and shoals of fish gather around a crumb of bread somebody dropped into the calmed waters.

You are in Barcelona but at the same time you feel you can watch the skyline from the distance and abstract yourself from the context. Certainly Maremagnum is a must see. The Aquarium, the paintings market under the front pergola and the 3D IMAX movie theater are recommended visits.

As previous posts just offered details I thought it would be better to show the whole scene as seen from Montjuic mountain. Don't forget La Barceloneta in the background
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