Barcelona Photoblog: August 2017

August 26, 2017

The Essential 4 Things to Do in Barcelona 2017 - Must See Attractions by Barcelona Photoblog

Whether you visit us for many days or are just here on your way to other destinations, there are some must see attractions of Barcelona you wouldn't want to miss!

                 Here are the essential four most visited and beautiful hallmarks of Barcelona

1 - Basilica of La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi: The pharaonic project

Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona by Barcelona Photoblog

Started in 1882, this ever growing gargantuan project, product of the imagination of a genius of architecture, called Antoni Gaudi, will blast your every sense on every corner.

It doesn't matter which of the three sides of the basilica you contemplate, the Nativity façade to the East, the Passion façade to the West, and the Glory façade to the South, you are bound to be astonished with so much art and so many impossible creations.

Sagrada familia is full of small details, like gorgeous stain glass windows, baroque or modern religious sculptures, gothic spires, surrealist designs, natural adornments here and there, so typical of Catalan Art Nouveau (modernisme), complex architectural concepts and simple and elegant solutions, elaborate metal doors, or even a canopy of lights covering Jesus in a cross hanging from the ceiling.

I could give you figures and concrete data, in fact Barcelona Photoblog has published many posts on Sagrada Familia in the past, but today I just wanted to give you a general idea, the impression that you get.

Remember to plan your visit ahead and get tickets online at the official site to avoid the long queues.

Address: La Sagrada Familia
Carrer Mallorca, 401

metroMetro: Sagrada Familia (Blue Line, L5) and (Purple Line, L2)

2 - Park Güell by Antoni Gaudi, the unsuccessful dream

Serpentine Bench with Trencadis mosaic detail in Park Guell by Barcelona Photoblog

Park Güell, which is the right name, is frequently misspelled as Parc Güell, Park Guell or even Park Güel! Güell is the last name of a prosperous businessman who commissioned Gaudi to work on a very advanced concept, creating a new housing development in a mountain near the city, with many lots for luxury houses.

Although both Count Eusebi Güell and Antoni Gaudi got to live there to give the project a little push, the whole thing failed and thus it ended up being what it is today, a municipal garden. Oh, but what a garden it is!

Imagine a garden that you can enter from a lower level or a higher level, furnished with a vast sandy mirador enclosed by amazing serpentine benches from which you can admire the city, imagine that such mirador is on top of a hundred columns under which you can listen to music played by improvised artists, imagine getting lost under inclined archways that resemble coral formations or the very gardens of Babylon.

You cannot leave Barcelona without visiting this place so get your tickets to Park Güell  and climb up there!

metroMetro stop "Lesseps" or "Vallcarca" (Green Line, L3).

3 - Tibidabo Amusement Park, the Lookout Tower 

Tibidabo Main Attractions in Barcelona by Barcelona Photoblog

Maybe you will leave Barcelona without climbing to the highest point from where to appreciate her intense beauty.

Well, shame on you if you do! Especially if you came with your kids, your incredible friends or your beloved couple.

Entrance is not very cheap, but it is worth the price, at least once.

Tibidabo Amusement Park, carrying more than a hundred years of history on its back, the second oldest in Europe, was the project of a pharmaceutical businessman named Salvador Andreu. Well, in fact he just wanted to make houses up there and so his company inaugurated a road to the mountain which paved the way to luxurious houses, new trendy spots to watch the city, a tram, a cable car and a great variety of prequels to the final park, like the magic mirrors, fortune teller machines, shooting galleries, etc.

And so it goes that today, more than 25 rides, like the impressive 1921 Talaia lookout tower from which you can have an even higher view of Barcelona, make Tibidabo Amusement Park a wonderful must-see spot especially on a bright and sunny day. Find more Barcelona Photoblog posts on Tibidabo

Bus: Tibibus special bus service from Plaça Catalunya square
Train: Take (Brown Line, L7) from Plaza de Catalunya Subway then Tram then Cable Car

4 - The Santa Maria de Montserrat Monastery: A Pilgrimage to La Moreneta virgin

Monastery of Montserrat near Barcelona by Barcelona Photoblog

The monastery or abbey of Montserrat, in the mountain by the same name, is a sanctuary devoted to La Moreneta virgin or Virgen de Montserrat, venerated in the shape of a dark colored  wooden icon which is preserved in an altar of gold, and one of the two patrons of the city of Barcelona together with Sant Jordi.

So what better than making your own pilgrimage to the very heart of Barcelona's most sacred roots, to the most essential thing to do in Barcelona if you are a real fan. Go and get blessed by touching the relic or simply spend an unforgettable day at the incredible mountain range of Montserrat with its unique ragged silhouette. Witness the same landscape that benedictine monks saw back in the 10th century when they founded Santa Maria de Montserrat.

Tip: It is much more fun to take the cable car to get there!

Buy train tickets at Plaça Espanya in front of Line R5 to Manresa 
(2 options: With cable car or with Cremallera Funicular. Train stops at base of the mountain. Different train stops according to choice taken)

August 17, 2017

We Are All Barcelona, We Are All Las Ramblas

August 17th 2017 has been a sad date for Barcelona because of the savage terrorist attack occurred in the most visited street of our beautiful city. We do not want to remember Las Ramblas as an empty place but as the happy, busy, and free walk it has ever been and will be. No one is going to come here and try to threaten us with cowardly acts. I do not want to show mourning, that is what they want. Let us all remember this day and the ones that are not here today. Let them all be in our hearts forever. We are all Barcelona.

August 15, 2017

The Bright Lights of Barcelona at Night

Barcelona is a beautiful city deep within the heart of Catalonia, and is steeped in cultural heritage, endless amounts of stunning architecture and sandy beaches that soak up the beaming sun. Moreover, the exquisite food destinations dotted around the area, the globally renowned Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house and FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou football stadium are all things you should experience. Now, the vast majority of those who visit Barcelona take in all of its breath-taking features during the day when the city is bustling and vivacious; very few are actually aware of what the region has to offer when the sun goes down and the bright lights start to appear.

All of these aspects can really rack up some travel time and waste valuable time throughout your day, so look into some cheap car hire so you can get around Barcelona quickly and easily. However, if you want to get around in style, you could also utilize a luxury car rental. Anyway, within this article we’re going to look at the top 3 things to do when it gets dark so that you can enjoy your stay both in the day and at night…

Take in some amazing views

There are many ways to experience the wonderful sunset views that Barcelona has to offer; from finding a high vantage point to travelling a little further afield, the views will never let you down. So, one of the ways is to schedule a night cruise, which will allow you to view the brilliant sunset views on the Mediterranean Sea whilst sitting back and relaxing. Alternatively, you could take advantage of a luxury car hire and travel out from downtown Barcelona to the Tibidabo Mountain; here you can have a cocktail at one of the premium bars or have dinner at a top class restaurant, alongside receiving incredible panoramic views across the glistening Barcelona skyline.

Stand in awe at the prestigious fountain

Built in 1929 by Catalonian architect Carles Buigas, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is really something you must witness during your stay in Barcelona…it truly is a masterpiece. Every night the attraction puts on a magnificent performance including lights, music, motion and colour every half an hour, so wait till the sun goes down, and take in the display of the fountain for free. It is worth bearing in mind that as it is so special and it doesn’t cost a thing, crowds may be a bit on the large side, so aim to get there early in the night or get a great vantage point on the bridge.

Take a visit to a centuries old church

If you’re looking for an educated thrill, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi is a medieval gothic church in the middle of the Barcelona Old Town. Here, you will learn all about Gothicism in the region throughout the years, its intriguing history and you’ll see, smell and feel things that would never be possible in the day time. In addition, you’ll be granted the spectacular opportunity to climb up to the church’s bell tower, and as it is one of the tallest pieces of architecture in the Old Town, you’ll be able to get a terrific view of the thriving city beneath you.

August 01, 2017

What to visit in Catalonia: Besalu Medieval Town and Bridge

Besalu bridge with river and ducks

A bridge with a lot of history, with several reconstructions and an uncertain origin, back in the XI century, Besalu bridge is definitely a great representative of the beauty of medieval towns and their architecture in general.

The town of Besalu, 31 kms away from Girona, is a must see if you ever decide to visit the countryside in Catalonia, which is not only Barcelona of course. There are many incredible spots to admire, and this medieval village should be in your top ten list.
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