Barcelona Photoblog: 2016

September 03, 2016

Sagrada Familia: Ceiling Detail

Here are a couple of images put together portraying details of the ceiling inside Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. There are many of these ornaments that remind me of royal seals or who knows, cava corks. Anyway,I just wanted to show you yet another beautiful spot of this magnificent masterpiece of art. I hope to recover my normal posting soon. I never find the right moment to find the strength to get into blogging again.

May 30, 2016

Barcelona Attempts to Regulate Impact of Tourism in the City

Last year Barcelona had the pleasure of giving accommodation to 8.303.609 travelers. This astonishing figure, that represents an increment of 5,4 % against previous year, would please the majority of local citizens and institutions if it weren’t for the fact that all in all they spent 2,1% less than in 2014. Low budget tourists increase in spite of the fact that the economy is getting better thanks to the constant flow of cash that evidently creates new jobs especially during the high season. During a whole decade, low cost travellers have been the general tendency in the city so according to many, new regulations should be implemented. Starting this year, representatives of hotel sectors, local authorities and boards of neighborhood members managed to reach some sort of agreement that controls the impact of tourism per areas in the city without restraining the successful figures of the Catalan economy.

 It is a fact that everyone has the right to travel according to their own pocket and it is difficult to apply the right of admission as if you were in a bar or something. Perhaps our town hall should read articles like this: Making tourism more sustainable

When it comes to low budget tourism it is inevitable to think of backpackers but as I said not everyone has the money to stay at Hotel Mandarin and you can find tight pockets in many illustrious hotels.

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