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July 22, 2012

Papier Mache Art: Famous Artists Display, Barcelona

Papier Mache figures of famous musicians in Barcelona shop

The art of creating papier mache figures or sculptures can be simple if we consider the materials used but the final work can be as difficult as your imagination and skills permit.

Many of us at a given moment of our childhood have had the opportunity to shape small figures by pasting glued strips of paper on a balloon, a cardboard model or an armature of some sort. The final result was not always artistically worthy but it surely proved to be fun.

For those of you who always wished to make a wonderful artwork in paper mache and never could, here is another good sample of exquisite papier-mâché reproductions of famous artists like John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury...(the other guy looks like the Edge from U2 but I am not sure).

There is this store near Plaza Sant Jaume in Barcelona where it is possible to buy such art among other articles. It is not cheap but you would impress your friends at home for sure and of course it is the heck of a present if you can afford it.

Check many other examples of such figures in my previous posts: Papier Mache Barcelona. I've been asked so many times for the address of this shop that I will reluctantly post it here and make them free publicity in spite of the fact they always come out and stop me from taking pictures:

Shop name: 2 Bis
Adress: Carrer Bisbe, 2 - 08002 Barcelona

July 05, 2011

Jack Nicholson in Papier Mache, Barcelona, Barri Gotic

Jack Nicholson in Paper Mache at Barcelona Shop

Yet another famous actor in papier mache at the same shop at carrer del Bisbe, near Plaça Sant Jaume in Barri Gotic, Barcelona, the one and only, Mr. Jack Nicholson with his eternal smile.

Dr. House who appeared in a very successful post here in Barcelona Photoblog in the past, has been moved as you see to a less favorable place in the display.

August 02, 2008

Tom Waits in Papier Mache, Barcelona

Tom Waits in Papier Mache, Barcelona

To continue with my series of papier mache celebrities, I'd like to feature today, Mr. Tom Waits. Remember there were other famous characters or actors that appeared in Barcelona Photoblog in the past: John Lennon, Marlon Brandon as Don Corleone, Hugh Laurie as Dr. House and Woody Allen accompanied by Keith Richards.

February 13, 2008

Lennon, John - Killing The Dove of Peace - Papier Mache Figure

John Lennon in Papier Mache,Barcelona

How did you feel the day they shot Lennon? How many times have you felt that sad for someone you didn't know personally? That was one of the few moments in my life when I shed a tear for a "total stranger". With this figure of John Lennon in papier mache I want to honor his memory. If you want to remember him for only five minutes read the lyrics of the song below. I leave you with a final question: Why did Mark David Chapman had to kill the dove of peace?

Mind Games

Were playing those mind games together
Pushing the barriers, planting seeds
Playing the mind guerrilla
Chanting the mantra, peace on earth
We all been playing those mind games forever
Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil
Doing the mind guerrilla
Some call it magic, the search for the grail
Love is the answer and you know that for sure
Love is a flower, you got to let it, you got to let it grow
So keep on playing those mind games together
Faith in the future, outta the now
You just cant beat on those mind guerrillas
Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind
Yeah we're playing those mind games forever
Projecting our images in space and in time
Yes is the answer and you know that for sure
Yes is surrender, you got to let it, you got to let it go
So keep on playing those mind games together
Doing the ritual dance in the sun
Millions of mind guerrillas
Putting their soul power to the karmic wheel
Keep on playing those mind games forever
Raising the spirit of peace and love
(I want you to make love, not war, I know you've heard it before)

February 12, 2008

Don Corleone, The Godfather in Papier Mache at Barcelona Store

Don Corleone (Marlon Brando) in papier mache, Barcelona

Papier mache figure of Marlon Brando in the Godfather. Another example of how a character may acquire a life of his own and make the audience forget about the actor in a certain way. In this case this is Mr. Marlon Brando and it is impossible to forget the man behind the character but sometimes we tend to think that they are both different people, that Don Corleone was really there, making polite offers you couldn't refuse. Like the figure in my previous post, this one is also on sale at the same Barri Gotic souvenir shop. I have to say that Hugh Laurie's post has been a total success but in a negative sense. Lots of fans have come to see Dr. House in papier mache and most of them say they wouldn't place such a horrible adornment around the house mainly because the star has not been precisely favored in this artwork.

February 11, 2008

Dr. House or Hugh Laurie in Papier Mache at Barcelona Store

Dr. House or Hugh Laurie in Papier Mache at Barcelona Store

Dr. Gregory House the main character in House M.D television series has been immortalized in this papier mache figure on sale at a popular store in Barcelona's Gothic quarter near Sant Jaume square. There was a previous post with celebrities like Keith Richards and Woody Allen and in the next two there will be more famous people. Hugh Laurie will have difficulties to get rid of Dr. House, something that has happened to too many actors for the good or for the bad. Will Dr. House obliterate a totally different character like this?: Hugh Laurie in "BlackAdder".

February 09, 2008

Small Colorful Bouquets of Paper Flowers in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain

Small Colorful Bouquets of Paper Flowers in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain

In trying to keep the colorful posts cause I think most of all like bright colors, at least that's my impression, I chose a bunch of small paper flower bouquets on sale at the stalls along Rambla dels Flors. I am not happy with the level of detail, that is, upon taking a very close look at the flowers but it was almost dark, I had to fire my flash, ask for permission to shoot, watch not to be shoved onto the flowers by passerbies, hold one cigar in my left hand which the stall owner asked me to keep an eye on and last but not least finish fast so my wife and daughter didn't get too tired of waiting.

September 05, 2007

Keith Richards and Woody Allen - Paper Mache - Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Woody Allen and Keith Richards in Papier mache, Barcelona store

Is it possible to see Keith Richards and Woody Allen in Barcelona, both in the same room, considering that the only thing in common that they have is they are weird and play an instrument? 

I had the chance to live such mystic experience in front of a souvenir shop in Barri Gotic, but both celebrities were made of paper mache. I had my doubts with Keith though!. Keith cost about 220 euros as I read on the tag hanging from his "cigarrette". 

Don't say it wouldn't be great to have one of these somewhere around the house just for the fun of it, if affordable of course.

July 10, 2007

Picasso and Flamenco Dancer in Paper Mache

This is the entrance to a small shop at carrer Montcada in El Raval quarter not very far from Picasso Museum, that's the reason why these paper mache figures are sitting out on those chairs taking some fresh air in the most traditional Spanish way. 

It is a well known fact that Pablo Picasso loved everything related to flamenco, remember he was from Málaga although you don't need to be from Andalusia to love flamenco.
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