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June 17, 2019

Citroën DS 23 in Black, A Sleek Shark

Citroen DS 23 Black Front View

One of the best French cars ever made and I believe of the most beautiful in the whole history of car design is Citroën DS. This Citroën DS 23 in black with that sleek shark look, so well taken care of, so polished, I shot during a Classic Car exhibition in Montjuic a long time ago. Check this article about DS 19.

Citroen DS 23 Black Rear View

Other cars who became classics appeared in Barcelona Photoblog in the past. Take a look at some of them now that you are here: Classic Cars

July 28, 2008

March 24, 2007

Mini Classic Cars: A Car Entrepreneur's Dream

Classic Cars at Auto Retro Barcelona - mini

A '76 BL MINI 1000 MK-III, I believe, one of the famous mini classic car variants that remind me of Mr. Bean's mini. I recall those hilarious scenes where Mr Bean locked the car doors with a padlock or when he bumped into the same old rickety car to park his Austin mini and specially the episode about the death of his car. 

Minis have changed a lot over the years, and now you can even design your own at will (see Mini) but I still prefer vintage cars. 

This is a picture from my archives. It was taken at Auto Retro Barcelona (check Google labels below for more or see my Classic cars set at Flickr), a classic car exhibition at Fira de Barcelona in Montjuic. 

It was a delight to see these old timers so close and I stayed in the parking lot shooting. It was an event for classic car enthusiasts and dealers so I was thinking about starting a classic car loan company (collector car financing is becoming a big business nowadays) but suddenly I found out that the entrance fee to the venue was not affordable so not more dreams about being a car entrepreneur!

December 31, 2006

Classic Cars at Auto Retro Barcelona: Jaguar

Classic Cars at Auto Retro Barcelona: Jaguar

Thanks to some of you I found out that the red car on the right in my recent post about Auto Retro was a Jaguar and you even revealed some more details about the model. Well, in this image I can tell that we are also dealing with a Jaguar but as homework it is your turn to guess again the particular model.

December 29, 2006

Classic Cars in Barcelona

Auto retro exhibition Barcelona - MG and Jaguar XKE type

If you can see both colors you are not Daltonic or color blind...I digress. These are classic cars in the past Auto Retro exhibition in Barcelona. The one on the left is an MG but I can't tell the other make. I know there are some fans among you, for example Curly from South Shields in the UK, who can help me with this.

PS: After I wrote these lines I paid Curly a virtual visit and found out he underwent an urgent operation recently so some words of support would be just great.

Update: The car on the right is a Jaguar XKE type "E". Thanks for your help in the comments.

December 20, 2006

Citroen DS: Classic Cars at Auto Retro Barcelona

Citroën DS: Classic Cars at Auto Retro Barcelona

Citroën DS, one of the most beautiful classic cars as seen at one of the parking lots in front of Fira de Barcelona at Plaça Espanya during past Auto Retro Barcelona exhibition last Dec 10th.

As I said before I am not much of a classic car enthusiast but I can see beauty and art in such nice design.

For the picture I had to climb a wall which gave me an attractive perspective. The orange reflection on the left comes from the plastic barriers next to an improvised mechanical inspection ramp nearby but in my opinion not even this noise can alter the nice look of the DS, the elegant sleek shark of classic automobiles.

December 11, 2006

Auto Retro Barcelona: Antique Cars and Motorcycles Exhibition

Classic Cars at Auto Retro Barcelona - Citroen

Auto Retro Barcelona (2006) came to an end after four days of exhibition in the Fira de Barcelona venue.

I am not a big fan of classic cars or motorbikes, at least not from the point of view of engines, value and so on. What I do like is the aesthetic aspect of these collector's exhibits, especially when you can capture them in your pictures.

Admission fees were a little above my standards (not being a fan and all) so I wandered about the esplanades at the entrance where improvised parking lots lodged some beauties you could easily snap. This was the case of this black Citroën. I've had a hard time identifying the brand and finding a proper link so I leave it up to you to suggest.

Fortunately, it appeared unexpectedly driving down the access road and against the marvelous Palau Nacional building in the background where MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) is.

If you want to know about the history behind Fira de Barcelona i.e. the International Exhibition of 1929 please check my previous posts about this topic.
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