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September 03, 2016

Sagrada Familia: Ceiling Detail

Here are a couple of images put together portraying details of the ceiling inside Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. There are many of these ornaments that remind me of royal seals or who knows, cava corks. Anyway,I just wanted to show you yet another beautiful spot of this magnificent masterpiece of art. I hope to recover my normal posting soon. I never find the right moment to find the strength to get into blogging again.

March 27, 2014

Catalan Modernist Ceiling at Hospital de Sant Pau to Celebrate Barcelona Photoblog's 2.000.000 visits!

This is one of the ceilings inside one of the many pavilions in the modernist complex at Hospital de Sant Pau.

All buildings have been restored  and opened to the public inside a complex called Recinte Modernista. Now a small fee is charged to enter and admire these beauties reborn.

This and other pictures I have, were taken with a cellphone and do not make justice to the real thing. The impression I get when I take a look at the result of such magnificent restoration is that everything has turned back to be like brand new, as if the hands of the skillful craftsmen had been working on those mosaics and those stain glasses yesterday.

A whole range of architectural wonder has been unveiled for all the world to see.

(By the way, I am happy to announce that today Barcelona Photoblog has reached 2.000.000 visits since it first saw light back in 2006. It's been years of hard work and of meeting very nice people here at the blog. I hope you have enjoyed it somehow. That really means something to me. Thanks to all those that made this incredible figure come true, thanks for your time and your comments. Happy to share my modest work with you all)

Update: In 2017 Barcelona Photoblog reached almost the 3 M figure but I decided to stop using the website that kept track of my visits.

October 16, 2007

Casa de Convalescencia, Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona

Stained glass interior of modernist dome, Aula Magna of Casa de Convalescencia, Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona

Casa de Convalescència, on the corner of San Quintin and Maria Claret streets, is part of Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and was built by Pere Domènech i Roura, Lluís Domènech i Montaner's son. Pere Domenech was a cathedratic professor at the School of Architecture of Barcelona and architect director of the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

Meant to be a maintenance building it finally lodged the wards for terminal patients and a church.

Back in 1969 it was granted to UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona). At present it is the headquarters of Fundació UAB, Fundació Doctor Robert and Josep Laporte library, UAB Idiomes Barcelona (language school), Institut de Ciències de l'Educació and Escola de Doctorat i de Formació Continuada.

This representative of the last stages of Catalan Art Nouveau or modernisme is the perfect place for important events in the health field which in fact are held more than often in its high quality facilities.

Today's picture was taken inside the Aula Magna, a place that is not open to general public. Tourists are only allowed in the entrance hall on the way to the hospital venues.

I wanted to share this beauty with all of you, the amazing brick work of the dome and the light coming through the elaborate stained glass windows.

See also this link to all my posts featuring Sant Pau Hospital.

July 22, 2007

Mosaic in the Chamber of the 100 Columns, Park Guell, Barcelona

Ceiling mosaic at the 100 Columns hall in Park Güell, Barcelona
Ceiling mosaic at the 100 column hall in Park Guell

This is the second mosaic I show you of those you can admire on the ceiling of the Chamber of the 100 Columns at Park Guell. 

Please read the last post here to know more. And of course, do follow labels to compare to other works by Antoni Gaudi. 

I encourage you to enlarge the picture for a more detailed view of the shape of the fragments, their colors and distribution to make up the final figure.

July 17, 2007

The Ceiling at Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona

The Ceiling at Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona

This is a partial view of the impressive ceiling at Sagrada Familia cathedral by Gaudi. 

It is hard to capture new angles when it comes to frame these columns that resemble trees or those sort of stars and flowers that simulate the thick canopy of branches in a tropical jungle. 

The place is still under construction so it can be full of scaffolds but if you watch where you shoot, obstacles won't ruin your picture. 

There's no need to say that geometry plays an important part in the design of this ceiling. If you enlarge and examine details you will discover the mathematical perfection Gaudi obtained after prolonged sessions with scale models in his workshop. 

To make it look more surrealistic than it already is, I experimented a little with the picture and here is the result.

July 02, 2007

Ceiling Mosaic Inside The Chamber of the 100 Columns, Park Guell, Barcelona Spain

Ceiling Mosaic Inside The Chamber of the 100 Columns, Park Guell, Barcelona Spain
Trencadis ceiling at the 100 Columns Hall in Park Guell

Not the first time Barcelona Photoblog visits Park Guell in Barcelona to show you the impressive work of Gaudi.

We have dealt with mosaic work recently, we mentioned the trencadis technique but we needed some more examples where the degree of improvisation and nature leitmotifs were more evident. Such is the case of this ceiling mosaic inside The Chamber of the 100 Columns including not only tiles but fragments of cups and dishes among other materials to make up something that recalls a flower.

Please follow labels for previous posts.

June 26, 2007

Guell Crypt: Caprice Supreme of Architecture

Guell Crypt Modernist Ceiling by Gaudi

A supreme caprice of architecture: the art nouveau or modernist ceiling at the entrance to the crypt in Colonia Guell by Antoni Gaudi, who had been commissioned by Eusebi Güell the prosperous catalan businessman. Robert Hughes, art critic for Time, recently said he hates Sagrada Familia but loves Colonia Guell, the place where the crypt is. Of course we can object to that if we get carried out by the grandeur of the cathedral. Besides, experts see what we cannot see, no wonder they've been studying for years, although what we understand by art is a concept of man and not a law of nature so no one has the final truth. Anyway, it was about time someone cast a shadow of doubt over stereotypes concerning our city. I suggest you read the book by Robert Hughes: Barcelona. Here is a previous post about the Crypt at Guell Colony.

June 09, 2007

Palau de la Musica Catalana: Modernist Ceiling

Palau de la Musica Catalana: Modernist Ceiling [enlarge]

Catalan art nouveau or modernisme at one of the most remarkable jewels of architecture in Barcelona: Palau de la Música Catalana, the concert hall. While you sit and relax at the cafeteria, look up and contemplate in detail all the different geometric lines traced with tiles on that modernist ceiling and the rich colors. I particularly like the flowers on those columns. Remember you can search for "palau" if you want to see previous posts of mine related to this place, like this: stained glass ceiling

September 05, 2006

Catalan Modernisme: Sant Pau Hospital's Ceiling

Catalan Modernisme: Sant Pau Hospital's Ceiling

Catalan Modernisme and Hospital de Sant Pau are also themes commented in previous posts that you can explore on this site. This is an old cellphone picture. 

Gothic cross-vaulted ceilings used to house the administration department, kitchen and laundry in Sant Pau, not it is open to the public and patients were moved to the new hospital nearby.

May 10, 2006

Modernism in Barcelona: Hospital de Sant Pau

Modernism in Barcelona: Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, is a modernist complex designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner (see my April post: Gargoyles).

The access pavilion at the intersection of carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret and carrer Cartagena is covered with exposed brickwork, and features a tower clock on top.

Inside you can admire the excellent stained glass by Mario Maragliano, a richly wrought staircase and these purple ceilings, that recall Islamic architecture.

From all the amazing things I discovered inside (when I carry my camera I am much more aware of minor details around me) I prefer this precious lamp.

 Try to discover what's on top.
See Hospital de Sant Pau Picture on a Google Earth Map
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