Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fish stall at Mercat de la Mercé, Nou Barris, Barcelona

Fish stand at La Merce market, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Who said a female fishmonger had to be rude, shabby and smelly. Well, I guess they smell of fish of course but certainly these girls have a wonderful look. I realize my comments are stupid but I wanted to muse on cliches around professions. I don't know in your country but at least here I remember one: You shout like a fishmongeress, something that of course is not always true. Maybe you can share other cliches you've heard of in your city.

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  1. Tina Koyama6:14 AM

    I'm from the Southern USA. My mother's favorite cliche was "born in a barn" meaning you are an animal or a farmer with no manners.

    "She's so loud, she must have been born in a barn."

    "Don't leave the door open! Close it!Were you born in a barn?!"

    I visited Barcelona in August 2010 and plan to go back again soon. It's very interesting to reas your blog and see your photos. Thank you!


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