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December 22, 2005


Barcelona Photoblog has been around since 2006, the year when the first international Blog Day was declared. Blogging in Spain was just starting. No wonder I was able to keep domain since then. From that strike of luck an impressive amount of content came to life. Hours and hours of dedication to build a name in my niche. Such dedication was paid with visits, millions of them. 

All over this time, this site grew up to be a respectable personal guide, gallery and travel journal about Barcelona. There are about 1500 posts in here and part of my life in words and images. 

Many sponsors have chosen my blog to advertise, mainly those who want to promote a product within a local website with a voice in social networks and not so commercial as those big companies we all know that buy their place in top rankings. 

The fact that Barcelona is such a popular travel destination makes my content a good opportunity for travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and brands interested in making their product stand out from the crowd in local SERPs or simply send more visitors their way. 

Although Google has been very harsh on blogs, obviously to sell their own ads and not to provide better content to users, Barcelona Photoblog has managed to always have a good online presence with numerous well ranked pages and keywords and survive the infamous Google algorithm updates. 

Advertising in my website does not involve too much trouble: 

1. You can be featured in the way of a link to your website on the sidebar for a year. 

2. You can post an article written by you or by me about your product or website. 

Feel free to send an email via Contact Us or directly to 

I hope we can do mutual business and that it is profitable on both sides. Thanks for stopping by!
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