Barcelona Photoblog: Winged Fame Sculpture at Columbus Monument, Barcelona

Monday, August 3, 2009

Winged Fame Sculpture at Columbus Monument, Barcelona

Winged Fame Sculpture at Columbus Monument

One of the sculptures representing Pheme or Fame spreading her wings at the pedestal of the Columbus monument next to Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Conceived by Francesc Font and modeled by Rossend Nobas, the Fames surrounding the column create a wonderful silhouette against the sky.


  1. Just an excellent shot, Carlos; great composition and color!

  2. She's magnificent! Outstanding snap, Senor Carlos!

    Columbus? Columbus who?! LEIF Ericksson from Norway discovered America . . . . .

  3. like an angel! edge of the wings remembering me of Gatotkaca, a character in Javanese puppet show.

  4. like an angel. Great picture

  5. HOLA! Gorgeous pictures. I LOVE Barcelona. Your pictures are fantastic!

  6. Outstanding. Beautiful. I love Barcelona! So great to be able to get a view of it from your photographs.

  7. Barcelona is such an incredibly beautiful place. Also love your background music. It's in one of my CD that i play pretty often. Sometimes it makes me feel kinda sad..for some reason.

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  8. -Thanks Jacob. I think the wings helped composing the image. I like them.
    -Oh I see. So they've been lying to me all this time?! Thanks Leif aka Erik the Red :)
    -I read the article ical. Interesting. I didn't know anything about that. Thanks for the info.
    -Thanks arzach. Acabhnews huh? Nice pictures. I like the Moby Dick's illustration in the header too.
    -I appreciate your kind words Phivos. Welcome.
    -Elizabeth I am happy that you like them. Your blog is great as well as the main site.
    -Silver. Thanks for your comment about Barcelona. I am not sure about what music you mean. Anyway I am glad you like my city.

  9. great picture! That column has a lot going on. It's great to see one of the items isolated so you can see it's beauty!

    By the way, we loved your city. I will be covering our trip for the next couple days, hope you can pop by for a look.

  10. buen trabajo! :D
    saludos de México

  11. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Sorry Leif Hagen, but Columbus discoverede the America's. "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue". Haven't you ever heard that saying?


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