Barcelona Photoblog: Las Arenas in Barcelona, From Bullring to Shopping Center

Monday, August 29, 2011

Las Arenas in Barcelona, From Bullring to Shopping Center

Las Arenas Shopping Mall by Richard Rogers

Inaugurated back in March, 2011 Las Arenas de Barcelona shopping center that arose from the "ashes" of an old bullring is clearly one the best examples of modern architecture in Barcelona.

I took some more pictures of the surroundings and from above that I will post someday but not too many of the building as such. Maybe this link to a gallery published in the Guardian portraying Las Arenas before and after helps.

A long time ago, when this project was starting I published a couple of images where you could see the whole building held above the ground by a steel framework: Las Arenas bullring in Plaça Espanya and Las Arenas: A Historic Barcelona Bullring to Become a Leisure Center. The posts are so old that some links are not working.

Learn more about this project's architect, Richard Rogers.

Las Arenas has 105.000 sq meters of retail and leisure. 12 movie theaters. A fully equipped gym, including a jogging track. A wonderful 360 degree platform around the dome to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Barcelona city, especially Plaza España and the fountains of Montjuic.

I suppose the place will be crammed packed for La Merce celebrations in September.

Find here the Las Arenas shopping centre's main site, unfortunately just in Spanish.


  1. Glad they converted it rather than tearing it down! It must be fun to walk around inside!
    Kind regards to you, Carlos!

  2. This is one of the first places I visited in Barcelona when I arrived here from the States. The view from the top is breathtaking!

  3. I watched several bullfights at El Monumental some 10 years ago so your article sure brought back some memories for me.

  4. A wonderful transformation. Well done.

  5. What a fabulous building! I am fascinated by this and amazed by how much it offers. So impressive!

  6. So much nicer than a bullring- a colourful place to wander too, I daresay.


  7. Great pictures. Please continue your great work. Regards, Ralph

  8. Hi Carlos, I'm sure glad I happened upon your blog today!

    That is amazing that the old bull-ring is now this lovely, modern shopping centre! The link I tried did still work too.

    Interesting blog of a very interesting place!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  9. ..a good idea for the Arena....after the end of the bullfightings in Barcelona...


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