Barcelona Photoblog: Lupin Beans or Altramuces Pickled in Brine.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lupin Beans or Altramuces Pickled in Brine.

Lupine or Altramuz [enlarge]
White Lupins (Lupinus albus) or Altramuces are normally taken as a pickled snack food that accompanies beer in Spanish bars, as for example in Andalusia. It is very nutritious although I don't like it much. I've read it is rich in protein. I still think they taste bitter. Sorry for not being very talkative today.


  1. In Brazil it is called "tremoço" and is also a great appetizer to accompany a cold beer.


  2. carlos lorenzo is showing the good things of Spain country and photographing is very nice and he is very expert in photographing and show the picture of lupin beans and flamnco dancers and plaza espanya etc

  3. I have never tried that, with beer it may be good


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