Barcelona Photoblog: Gaudi Chimneys: The Amazing Surreal Shapes of Catalan Art Nouveau

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gaudi Chimneys: The Amazing Surreal Shapes of Catalan Art Nouveau

Amazing Chimneys on the roof of Casa Mila or La Pedrera building by Antoni Gaudi
Chimneys by Gaudi - Casa Mila aka La Pedrera's Roof

When you step into Casa Mila's rooftop, you enter a surreal realm of uncanny figures begotten in the womb of some eerie creature or conceived in the unfathomable labyrinth of a very insane but wise mind, figures that remind alien chrysalids about to eclose or deceiving chess pieces that seem to move ominously behind your back.

Apparently they are only chimneys but definitely there is something mysterious about them, as if they had been alive and were now under some spell. Some may resemble totems, others look vigilant towards the horizon like soldiers watching from the battlements of some medieval castle. Many interpretations are possible here. Whatever your appreciation is in the end, you certainly will not remain indifferent.


  1. carlos, u have nice blog! and great photo too. nice to know.

  2. Carlos!
    qué alegría ver que ahí sigues, dándolo todo, con esas obras de arte! tan fácilmente al alcance de todos. Qué tal? cuántisimo tiempo!
    Pasaba para decir hola, y a ver si me pica el vicio y vuelvo a portarme bien y publico cosillas de vez en cuando.

  3. Mujer! pos más alegría me da a mí que te acuerdes. Hace un tiempillo que no publico la verdad pero la cámara ya está inquieta.

  4. claro hombre, anímate! que ya llega la navidad...!!


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