Barcelona Photoblog: We Are All Barcelona, We Are All Las Ramblas

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We Are All Barcelona, We Are All Las Ramblas

August 17th 2017 has been a sad date for Barcelona because of the savage terrorist attack occurred in the most visited street of our beautiful city. We do not want to remember Las Ramblas as an empty place but as the happy, busy, and free walk it has ever been and will be. No one is going to come here and try to threaten us with cowardly acts. I do not want to show mourning, that is what they want. Let us all remember this day and the ones that are not here today. Let them all be in our hearts forever. We are all Barcelona.


  1. We are all Barcelona because Barcelona has always welcomed people from all over the world!
    And nobody can forget a visit in this beautiful place.

  2. Horrible. A friend walked into La Ramblas just minutes after the attack. We spoke on the phone and he sounded a little chocked.


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