Barcelona Photoblog: How To Use Your Smartphone To Take Great Photos

June 22, 2018

How To Use Your Smartphone To Take Great Photos

When you think of professional photography, a smartphone might not be the first piece of equipment that comes to mind, but, with the right knowledge and perhaps some useful apps and equipment, you can take stunning images with a smartphone. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Use The Apps 

There are hundreds of different photography apps available for Apple and Android smartphones that can help you to create the most beautiful images without the need of expensive camera equipment (or in conjunction with the more high-tech equipment). Some of these apps will be free, and others will have a fee attached, so you’ll need to know what you want to spend (if anything) before you start, as this will narrow your search options down.

Some apps will help you take great photos; there are some that will tell you where the sun is going to be, for example, so that you can plan a photo shoot in advance, and some that can turn your phone into a pocket light meter. Others ensure that you have any paperwork you might need to be stored at your fingertips – model release forms can be useful, for example. Still, more will give you the ability to immediately and professionally edit your photographs when you have finished taken them.

Location Scouting

Location scouting is something that all good photographers will do. However, if you are visiting a number of different places, it can be difficult to remember exactly where they all are once you return home to plan your shoot. Using your smartphone will help you. You can snap a quick image of a great location, and the image will be geotagged for you. That way, even if you don’t know exactly where it is because you have gone for a walk and just stumbled across the place, you’ll easily be able to find your way back there thanks to your phone and its useful tagging feature.

It’s A Second Camera 

Most photographers will take two cameras with them whenever they are on a photoshoot. That way, should something go wrong, they have a backup. Alternatively, the second camera can be used to take candid shots or behind the scenes images which are always fun and can really add to the client’s experience of the day. Carrying two large SLR cameras around with you is difficult, though, and using your smartphone as your second camera can make things a lot easier.

A smartphone can also be useful on difficult shoots where the SLR camera is just too big to fit properly, offering you the chance to take pictures you might have missed otherwise. Another benefit of using a smartphone on a location shoot is that they are easier to replace or repair if damaged by water or an accident than a camera would be. There is helpful information online to help prevent data loss due to water damage.

Easily Share Your Photos
Smartphones are hugely compatible with social media platforms, and that can be highly beneficial to a photographer looking for new clients. You can instantly upload your images to whichever platform you are using (Instagram and Facebook work particularly well for photographers) and allow people to see your latest work. The more people who see what you are doing, the more likely it is that you will find new clients to work with.
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