Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona. A Day. A Life. ~ A Short Film by Ben Holbrook

April 15, 2021

Barcelona. A Day. A Life. ~ A Short Film by Ben Holbrook

Lockdown has been tough on us all, but especially for those of us who have not been able to get our fix of Barcelona! 

It’s been one of the longest periods of time I’ve not been able to visit since moving there all those years ago, and I miss it so much. It may not be my physical home anymore, but it’s still my spiritual home. 

I miss the simple act of heading out with no agenda and no destination, following the crowds and wandering like a flaneur. There’s always something going on, always somewhere to be – experiences to be lived! 

For this reason I almost always kept my camera with me. Not only to take photos for my blog, Driftwood Journals, but also simply because I knew the amazing was always just around the corner! 

As well as photos, I also shot quite a bit of video between 2017 and 2019. But I didn’t have the time (or skills) to do anything with it. Fast forward to now, 2021, and I have had time not only to develop my video editing skills but also to produce an entire short film using this old footage. 

It starts early morning on the rooftops of Eixample and move through the city as day becomes night. The final scenes are the insanely explosive celebrations of La Merce (I was so involved in the action that my lens got blown up by a firework – true story!). 

It’s sort of “a day in the life”, but the footage was taken over many years, so it’s more like a whole life – my life. Maybe you’ll recognise it as your own. 

Here it is, amigos! Watch and enjoy! This is Barcelona. A Day. A Life.

 Discover “Ben’s Barcelona” on his blog and watch more of his short films on Youtube.

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