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February 28, 2007

Barcelona Restaurants: Delicate Desserts at Escriba's

Raspberry Tartlet at Escriba's Barcelona
Raspberry Tartelette

I didn't know whether to photograph this delicate dessert at Escribá's, the famous restaurant by the beach in Barcelona, or devour it mercilessly. I think I will keep it somewhere safe in my digital photo album just in case someone needs this tart picture for the dessert menu.

Being in front of the sea in the afternoon, having a good paella and picking up the most tempting dessert from an assorted selection on a tray is like mana from the gods.

February 27, 2007

Catalan Modernisme: Ceiling at Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona

Catalan Modernisme: Ceiling at Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona

Also by Domenech i Montaner, the renowned representative of Catalan modernist architects, Hospital de Sant Pau is a small jewel frequently overlooked by tourists. 

This is the ceiling at the main entrance on the corner of Cartagena and Maria Claret streets. 

If you browse the labels you will find information about the architect and the Hospital.

February 26, 2007

Sitting by the Sea: Take your Turn

Sitting by the Sea: Take your Turn

Come rain come shine you always see someone laying on those concrete chairs facing the sea at Barcelona beach. Although they might look hard and uncomfortable they are pretty demanded so they'd better implement some kind of parking meter system nearby to make room for all. If you take a closer look notice that some of them really mean to stay for long. Maybe because it is winter I managed to find some empty chairs so I was about to run and stretch there till next summer.
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