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April 03, 2007

Almond Tree Flowers for Easter Holidays

Almond Tree Flowers for Easter Holidays
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Easter is here and many are already on holidays. Anybody there? Not my case. I keep on posting flowers in my stubborn crusade against best blogging practices, not to repeat topic. The almond tree, Prunus dulcis, grows flowers in the early spring right before the leaves. Talking about sunny skies and beautiful flowers is sort of science fiction gibberish right now. It is raining cats and dogs tonight in Barcelona but they say the weather will give us a break by Friday. Many towns in Spain will take their holy images for a walk in procession and everybody is crossing their fingers. Catholics, atheists and believers of all credes meditate, pray, disconnect from the real world or celebrate the old Roman way, you know. I am planning to open a florist shop to send you flowers online, I accept credit cards. Just kidding. I wish you all a happy Easter.
PS: I heard about Tsunami killer wave in Solomon Islands. My condolescences to the victims. I hope no one there in Asia gets hurt or affected.

April 02, 2007

Purple Spring Flowers in Barcelona

Purple Spring Flowers

No, I am not a florist, I don't send flower bouquets by UPS nor did I become a garden enthusiast over the weekend. It is just that spring is coming and I have a strong addiction to beauty in nature. 

I apologize for not posting enough Barcelona related posts but the time comes when you don't take those long walks around the city for various reasons. 

I think that I have covered many topics and places so far so why not giving my mind a little rest with other aspects of life other than street photography. 

This picture and yesterday's I took in a garden at my friends' house in Argentona, Barcelona.

Update: Purple daisies they seem to be. Thanks to my readers for reminding me about taxonomy.

April 01, 2007

Red Hot Spring Flowers in Barcelona

Red Hot Spring Flowers in Barcelona
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Red hot flowers whose name I don't know. I skipped most of my botanics classes or at least I wasn't paying much attention. Why should I if I have true experts in flower names among you? One thing I am sure of: they have a strong red tone and the sepals are fleshy in appearance so I find them somehow sensual. I can't take away that American beauty scene from my eyes, I don't know why? The new week is about to start so I send these flowers in a bottle to all my friends in the other part of the world.

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