Barcelona Photoblog: Purple Spring Flowers in Barcelona

Monday, April 2, 2007

Purple Spring Flowers in Barcelona

Purple Spring Flowers

No, I am not a florist, I don't send flower bouquets by UPS nor did I become a garden enthusiast over the weekend. It is just that spring is coming and I have a strong addiction to beauty in nature. 

I apologize for not posting enough Barcelona related posts but the time comes when you don't take those long walks around the city for various reasons. 

I think that I have covered many topics and places so far so why not giving my mind a little rest with other aspects of life other than street photography. 

This picture and yesterday's I took in a garden at my friends' house in Argentona, Barcelona.

Update: Purple daisies they seem to be. Thanks to my readers for reminding me about taxonomy.


  1. LOL! Carlos, yes, you deserve to take a break from guiding us around Barcelona and instead, show us some nature. No matter what the subject, you do it so well ;-)

    But...if you are going to show us flowers, you must identify them!!!
    (btw - I'm no expert either, but I think yesterday's post was bougainvillea and today's is daisy).

  2. WOW! Amazing photo. Love the details on it.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Those are attractive flowers and look something like our Purple Cone flowers, but in an odd way.

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