Barcelona Photoblog

August 03, 2008

Landscape: Ivars Pond, Lleida, Catalonia

Ivars d'Urgell pond in Lleida, Catalonia

I will be abroad till August 20th for my holidays but I will keep posting more or less regularly, you know, my own strange way. To start this period of peace and relaxation I wanted you to share a little nature with me.

This is the pond of Ivars, a small town in Lleida which is also a province of Catalonia like Barcelona. I'll keep you all posted so come back often.

August 02, 2008

Tom Waits in Papier Mache, Barcelona

Tom Waits in Papier Mache, Barcelona

To continue with my series of papier mache celebrities, I'd like to feature today, Mr. Tom Waits. Remember there were other famous characters or actors that appeared in Barcelona Photoblog in the past: John Lennon, Marlon Brandon as Don Corleone, Hugh Laurie as Dr. House and Woody Allen accompanied by Keith Richards.

August 01, 2008

Platoon of Tin Soldiers

Platoon of tin soldiers at Barcelona shop

A platoon of tin soldiers at a shop near Barcelona Cathedral in Barri Gothic, valued in "just" 200 eur.
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