Saturday, September 3

Sagrada Familia: Ceiling Detail

Here are a couple of images put together portraying details of the ceiling inside Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. There are many of these ornaments that remind me of royal seals or who knows, cava corks. Anyway,I just wanted to show you yet another beautiful spot of this magnificent masterpiece of art. I hope to recover my normal posting soon. I never find the right moment to find the strength to get into blogging again.

Monday, May 30

Barcelona Attempts to Regulate Impact of Tourism in the City

Last year Barcelona had the pleasure of giving accommodation to 8.303.609 travelers. This astonishing figure, that represents an increment of 5,4 % against previous year, would please the majority of local citizens and institutions if it weren’t for the fact that all in all they spent 2,1% less than in 2014. Low budget tourists increase in spite of the fact that the economy is getting better thanks to the constant flow of cash that evidently creates new jobs especially during the high season. During a whole decade, low cost travellers have been the general tendency in the city so according to many, new regulations should be implemented. Starting this year, representatives of hotel sectors, local authorities and boards of neighborhood members managed to reach some sort of agreement that controls the impact of tourism per areas in the city without restraining the successful figures of the Catalan economy.

 It is a fact that everyone has the right to travel according to their own pocket and it is difficult to apply the right of admission as if you were in a bar or something. Perhaps our town hall should read articles like this: Making tourism more sustainable

When it comes to low budget tourism it is inevitable to think of backpackers but as I said not everyone has the money to stay at Hotel Mandarin and you can find tight pockets in many illustrious hotels.

If you happen to be a backpacker and you want to visit Barcelona, you might consider this short list of hostels, quality and stylish hostels where you could vindicate your right to know our culture, enjoy your great holidays, study, find a couple, establish, integrate into our society or be a mere temporary visitor without no one telling you what you have to do and for the less amount of money you can pay. The only thing we ask is that you feel at home and you treat the city as such. By the way, this is valid for the spending kind too. Welcome to Barcelona everyone!

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      • St.Christopher's Inn 
      • Urbany hostel 
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Tuesday, April 19

Make the Most of Your Trip: Tips for Touring Barcelona

Barcelona is a seductive seaside city with dreamlike landmarks that hold historic secrets deep within their walls. The avant-garde city hosts a labyrinth of twisting streets that are home to Gothic-inspired architecture, award-winning restaurants, boisterous bars and elegant hotels.
When visiting, make the most of your trip by following these tips to touring Barcelona.
What to See
Discover the city of Barcelona on foot or bicycle to get the authentic feel for its charming streets. Las Ramblas is the landmark many tourists identify with the city. The central boulevard cuts through the heart of the city and is an ideal place to begin exploring. Its vibrant and lively promenade is a must visit during the daylight hours. You’ll be right near the Gothic Quarter, as well, which is another must see.
With Antoni Gaudí as its legendary architect, Barcelona is blanketed with Art Nouveau sites and fascinating modernista buildings. Don’t miss:
·         La Pedrera
·         Parc Guell
·         La Sagrada Familia
Picasso plays an integral part in Barcelona’s art scene, as well. Walk down C/Reina Cristina to visit landmarks that shaped his youth. Visit the Museu Picasso to see some of the work from his formative years.
What to Eat
Pinchos (pintxo), tapas and vermouth top the list of Barcelona’s culinary trends. Tapas is the general term for small dishes in Spain and they are meant to be shared, whether it's a bowl of olives or a plate of grilled prawns. Raciones are a bigger portion of tapas, and pinchos are bite-sized tapas served on top of a piece of bread.
There are countless tapas bars around the city, so pop into one along your journey. If you don’t know what to order, get the Pan con Tomate, which is a quintessential Catalan tapa composed of tomato rubbed on bread and drizzled with oil and salt. Sip on cava, vermouth or Txacoli (a light white wine) with your tapas.
Do not leave the city without sampling the seafood, either.
Where to Stay
Barcelona lodging can get pricey, so travel with others and share rooms when possible to save some money. There are several mid-range hotels in the city. Look for a place in the Eixample area to be near to the modernista scene and close to shops, restaurants and tourist landmarks. If you want a more luxurious stay, the Hotel Arts Barcelona is beachside and fancy. If you’re more into the neighborhood feel, Gracia is a good option. It's close to Park Guell, but you will need to take the metro into the city center.
Another option is a hostel, also called an albergue in Barcelona. Hostels tend to pack bunk beds into a room so be prepared to get cozy with your roommates. Bathrooms are also shared. It can get a bit noisy, but if you want a cheap room, this is your best bet. Do your research before choosing a location as some pockets around Las Ramblas and in the Barri Gotic can be a little sketchy at night.
How to Stay Safe
As with any city in the world, tourists need to safeguard their belongings. In Barcelona, be especially cautious of pick pocketing and bag snatching, advises the Barcelona Tourist Guide. Don’t walk down Las Ramblas with an open map, looking lost and bags unguarded. You know how to be a savvy tourist:
·         Pay attention to your surroundings. If something doesn’t seem right or if a group of locals are trying to gain your attention, walk away. It may be a ruse.
·         Only carry the money you need for the day and leave valuables at the hotel. No flashy jewelry.
·         Wear belongings on your front side and close to your body. Avoid shoulder purses unless they are crossbody bags.
·         Don’t wear a camera around your neck. Thieves will snatch that right off you and take off before you even know what happened. Instead, use a high-quality camera phone with a large memory for pictures and video. The new LG G5 has a 5.3-inch Quad HD screen with a high-contrast display that makes video and images look spectacular. It also has a LG 360 degree cam attachment that is a perfect way to capture the panorama of the city.
Lastly, if you want to impress the locals in Barcelona, learn to speak their language, Catalan, which is derived from Latin and Provençal French. In comparison, Castilian (Castellano) Spanish has heavy Arabic influences.

Friday, December 11

Crypt Pillars and Ceiling at Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Close your eyes and think about architecture, try to establish a pattern of what is something astonishingly beautiful for you and for people in general and I am sure that when you open them again you will hardly come even closer to what Antoni Gaudi should have had in his mind when he created these beautiful pillars and that odd ceiling for his Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Who would have thought of such daring strange shapes then, by the end of the XIX century and who can think of them right now unless you take a computer and use an advanced software to calculate mathematical possibilities for architectural impossibles.