Tuesday, April 18

Mercat of Sant Antoni: Restored Market to Open in 2018

After 8 years of work, the remodeled Mercat de Sant Antoni is expected to be open to the public during the first months of 2018. With an important investment made by its own market stand owners and the local government, around 60 million EUR all in all, another jewel in the history of Barcelona, will be recovered in all its splendor. Do not expect it to be just like La Boqueria or at least that is the intention of the project that seems very concerned with the avalanche of tourists in Las Ramblas. The addition of more space, including two new squares plus the inclusion of a small museum (an archeological excavation site has unveiled part of the old city walls and Via Augusta) promise to make this 135 old market something more important than just a collection of stands. There will be 4 underground floors, two for parking lots, 1 for storage and 1 for commercial areas.

The origin of the Mercat de Sant Antoni is a remnant of the 13th century Mercat dels Encants, a marginal market outside the walls that was moved to Carrer del Consolat in 1850. In 1882, Rovira i Trias finished building the iron market, and there were almost no houses in its surroundings, the working class neighborhood of El Raval.

Monday, March 6

3, 2, 1, Queso!

It may seem like taking a photo is as easy as pressing a button on a camera, but therein lies the difference between a quick snap and art. Anybody can take a picture; children can do it, even a dog could probably do it if you trained it to. It’s not the action that captures the moment, but what the moment in itself is that you are capturing; it’s what you see behind the camera from your own eyes which is often the hardest thing for the camera to be able to interpret. Barcelona has within it everything that you could wish to capture on camera.

Where To Start

You don’t need a top of the range DSLR to get started - this will probably slow you down and put you off what you’re doing if you don’t understand what all of the different modes are and how they can be utilised within photography. You will need something that is a great example of an entry-level camera, such as a Nikon 3300D. If you bundle up and get a kit which includes the lens that you need to capture different scenes such as portraits and landscapes, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long-run as your passion grows (and it will grow fast!). Find some local photography workshops to attend to get yourself to grips with what you’ve got or are going to get. The best tips are learned from the experts, and you can then expand on these to suit you and your own shooting style. Everybody has their own different ways of taking a picture, just as everybody has a different approach to cooking, painting or driving a car; it’s your take on things which will make your photos personal to you. 

What To Shoot

Barcelona offers some of the best sights and buildings to practise your photography on. Palau de la Musica Catalana, the famous music hall, offers so many astounding and unique shots with natural light flooding through its big, open space. The stained glass windows filter through dapples of colours which in turn reflect off the furniture and decorations within the hall. If you prefer to shoot outside, walk along and take in all of Gaudi’s fantastic architecture which adorns the city. The free movement of the lines of his buildings is unlike anything anywhere else in the world, and with so many angles to aim, there is sure to be a shot within your camera’s memory that you have taken that hasn’t been captured by anyone before. Especially with the continual work of La Sagrada Família expecting to last another 20 years, there is always going to be something new to snap. From buildings you can then move on to people; street art is a fascinating subject, and no more so than on the streets of Barcelona. Be sure to keep it as natural as possible and capture people as they are going about their day-to-day lives. A picture tells a thousand words

Friday, March 3

Nocturne Carnival Thoughts in Some Barcelona Bar

Carnival in Barcelona or in any other part of the world is not just parading and dancing like a wild animal in costumes. Carnival is an attitude, a change of look, a detachment from the usual you and in a way, a special opportunity to release the inner child that still dwells in there somewhere. This girl wearing strange glasses and big flowers in her hair in the most pure bailaora de flamenco style and with reminiscences of La Martirio, has a cool glamorous something under the mysterious lights of the Carnival night and is indeed a good example of what I meant.

Wednesday, January 18

India to Barcelona made easy

A lot of Indians are now traveling to Europe for their holidays, and Spain is one of the top destinations on their list for its beautiful beaches, wonderful architecture and lovely people. No holiday to Spain is complete without visiting Barcelona and Madrid. One of the cheapest options available from India is to book a tour by Yatra using coupons from 7coupons.in

A typical tour is 5-6 days long and currently costs approximately 2000 USD per person. The tours commonly start with a 2 days in Madrid to visit Golden Triangle of Art, Cibeles Palace and Fountain, Royal Palace of Madrid. However people like to spend more time in Barcelona for its rich architecture and beauty.

Sunday, January 1

Barcelona Holidays 2017: Some Good Reasons to Visit Us!

2016 is about to expire, disappear, vanish from our lives forever and ever and we will set eyes on the future that lies ahead like we and all human race have been doing from eons ago. We decide that maybe the next year, always considering the kind of calendar you use, all of our dreams may fulfill. Yearning for a blissful tomorrow is wonderful to shape up your optimism but if you do not take some preliminary steps that pave the way for it to really happen then everything will be as uncertain as the wheel of fortune or some cheap charade.

Not everyone has the same kind of dreams or plans, but traveling to other countries is the best choice to radically clearing up the background images behind your monotonous ordinary life. Barcelona might be the perfect destination awaiting to color your world next year. A city that will never disappoint you, not because I say so and live here, but because of lots of good reviews received daily online and in the streets. It is true that petty theft is alarmingly growing, and so you should take every precaution to see it coming, it is true that we have big crowds of tourists in the downtown area, well, like in Rome, Paris or any other major city, but there are numerous good reasons to 'take the risk':)

Things like the mild Mediterranean weather and the beautiful beaches should shift the balance in our favor

but of course, that is not enough. Our strong point besides the beautiful waterfront, the mountains, the two rivers, the wonderful nightlife, the excellent food, the affordable prices, the kindness of the people, the efficient services of transportation...is architecture. Arts and culture is what we are really good at.

There many ways to explore the richness of Barcelona while you are planning your future visit or once you are already here with us. Travel guides have always been among the best resources that may be useful to you but nothing like a good interactive guide of Barcelona like the one Avis has created to discover the best local hotspots and guarantee that you do not miss a thing, or better said, that you find the real thing.

Perhaps you should take a glimpse at my modest work throughout these years to get a small tapa of our city and then take a fantastic city break by ordering your main course: Barcelona Holidays 2017

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