Thursday, July 29

Portrait: Improvised Terror Makeup

Terror Makeup Portrait [enlarge]

Portraits are not my specialty, if I can be considered good at anything, so I try to practice now and then. It is strange that I decide to post portraits but my model decided to improvise a little and I could not resist. She prefers to stay anonymous so let's pretend this is just a professional session and I've never seen her before. As I think I wasn't favoring her too much I will show you the same model in the next post just to compensate.



Anonymous Saritapatatasfritas! said...

Hey,¡OMG! I know her, the picture looks great! Good job Charlie! LOL

11:55 AM  
Anonymous joshi daniel said...

i liked the look!

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Fotos said...

Not nice looking girl but awesome photo..

2:03 PM  

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