Monday, November 26

Portraits and Children's Spontaneous Poses

Girl in the park [enlarge]

Sometimes a nice spontaneous pose really makes the difference. This beautiful girl, the daughter of the Chinese family running the bar at the corner, was not looking at my camera as I caught this with a telephoto. I should have come closer with shorter lens but that day I was taking pictures of a show at the local square and I needed more powerful lens. I thought the wooden framework of the slide was great to isolate her while she was in the middle of such fantastic and improvised performance. The light and kids in the background did the rest. Sometimes kids are sort of funny actors rehearsing for the stark reality that lies ahead in the path of life.

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Blogger Accelerated Stall said...

Adorable and I'm so intrigued... would love to know what she's thinking about

3:24 AM  

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