Monday, July 31, 2017

Woman Covered With Flowers at Barcelona Cathedral

Woman Covered with Flowers

With this woman literally covered with flowers near Barcelona Cathedral I start my holidays 2017. Let the coming month of August be happy and amusing to many, to those fortunate enough to have some rest from the monotony of a day job. To those who don't, let these days be joyous too. This summer is being terribly hot in Barcelona so I hope this lady gets compensated somehow for her tremendous effort under the sun.

PS: I am trying to revamp the blog. It is taking more time than I thought. A great amount of pictures were hosted in, a company whose malpractice has ruined the work of many bloggers who trusted them, including myself. I will never choose Photobucket again, you have my word on that!


  1. What colourful garb this woman is wearing. I have seen many different kinds of wardrobe, but this one is unique. Your photo is a happy one.

    1. Thanks Kate! Yes, it is the latest fashion :)

  2. Wow, that's unique dress. It made her out-standing. What a nice post!


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