Barcelona Photoblog: Tattoo Boom in Barcelona

July 21, 2017

Tattoo Boom in Barcelona

I do not know when it started but tattoos, at least beautiful tattoos, are growing exponentially in the city of Barcelona as well as the shops offering this service, of course. I cannot go technical here I am afraid, being a total ignorant in these matters. Some I love, some I hate. I guess it is the blend of the artist with the person that carries them, what makes it a perfect result.

On one of my walking tours around the narrow streets of the Gothic quarter I spotted a couple of subjects to illustrate my point. The moment is what I am most interested in when it comes to street photography so I let you judge about the quality of the artists and the adequacy of the carriers.

Here is an article I found useful if you want directions and advice about tattoos: Where to get a tattoo or a piercing in Barcelona
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