Friday, July 21, 2017

Tattoo Boom in Barcelona

I do not know when it started but tattoos, at least beautiful tattoos, are growing exponentially in the city of Barcelona as well as the shops offering this service, of course. I cannot go technical here I am afraid, being a total ignorant in these matters. Some I love, some I hate. I guess it is the blend of the artist with the person that carries them, what makes it a perfect result.

On one of my walking tours around the narrow streets of the Gothic quarter I spotted a couple of subjects to illustrate my point. The moment is what I am most interested in when it comes to street photography so I let you judge about the quality of the artists and the adequacy of the carriers.

Here is an article I found useful if you want directions and advice about tattoos: Where to get a tattoo or a piercing in Barcelona

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Looking For Photography Inspiration Then Here Is Where To Find It

Taking pictures, having a love for photography or simply using it as a hobby is a wonderful experience to have. It enables you to capture memories, feelings and even specific thoughts during snapshots of time. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the inspiration to take the pictures and take your camera out. Just like writers can struggle with writer's block, photographers can still feel a similar mental block on the inspiratory side of things. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can find it again.

It’s all around you

Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t really have to step too far from your place to find some form of inspiration. It can be anywhere. You may find it in nature, in the countryside. The weather could cause a flash of inspiration or even head into the city. Try and look at normal aspects of life. The daily commute, people walking, the quiet of the country and open spaces of fields and hills. Look at them from a different point of view and spot the beauty in everyday things and ways of life. Doing this simple trick can often spark some form of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing once more. 

It’s in the things you love

Sometimes you can find the inspiration in the things you love. It might be a particular room in your home that you enjoy spending time in, the way the light enters into a space or hits your garden at a certain time of the day. It could even be in the hobbies you enjoy to do besides photography, the food you cook, the books you read. Take some time out to enjoy the other things you love in your life, and you may find your inspiration returning sooner than you thought. 

You might find it online

Often heading to websites like Pinterest can be enough to ignite some inspiration. But if you are still trying to find a new direction or creativity then why not check out some popular photography blogs like my own. Websites like FujiUser, or similar, who share not just photographs, but their thoughts and ramblings alongside them. Some blogs and sites share tips and platforms like Instagram share daily photo challenges. Sometimes these things are enough to get you snapping away again.

Just keep snapping

Sometimes you just need to snap away and see what comes out after a session. What you thought might not have inspired you at the time, could have turned into a pretty epic photo.

It’s with the people you care about

Finally, we have discussed finding inspiration in the things you love and the places you like to be, but too often you just need to spend time with the people you love and care about to find some inspiration. Take pictures of your children or loved ones, observe them and see what makes them happy or smile. Even just spending time away from the camera and with your family can inspire you moving forward.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Trasmediterranea Ferries: Juan J Sister

Trasmediterranea ferry, Juan J Sister, maneuvers in the vicinity of Grand Marina Hotel (WTC Barcelona), in Barcelona harbor. The picture is taken from Montjuic mountain, a wonderful spot you should visit to really appreciate the beauty of the city. 

This company with a hundred years of history, operates a wide variety of routes in the Mediterranean sea. Since June 2017, Juan J Sister covers the route from Mahon harbor in Menorca to Barcelona. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Montserrat Aerial Cable Car or Aeri, the Door to a Magic Journey

Montserrat Aerial Cable Car

Opened in 1930, Montserrat aerial cable car or Aeri as it is called in Catalan, has long been one of the main attractions when it comes to visiting the impressive mountain range of Montserrat and its world famous monastery. Its secure structure has withstood the test of time including some damages during the Spanish Civil War.

At about 50 kms distance from Barcelona (an hour by car or 1 h 44 min by train from Plaça Espanya), the Aeri, will be the best start to a magic journey to the heart of the holy mountain that keeps the iconic figure of La Mare de Deu de Montserrat.

You can buy tickets online at Aeri de Montserrat official site.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mercat of Sant Antoni: Restored Market to Open in 2018

After 8 years of work, the remodeled Mercat de Sant Antoni is expected to be open to the public during the first months of 2018. With an important investment made by its own market stand owners and the local government, around 60 million EUR all in all, another jewel in the history of Barcelona, will be recovered in all its splendor. Do not expect it to be just like La Boqueria or at least that is the intention of the project that seems very concerned with the avalanche of tourists in Las Ramblas. The addition of more space, including two new squares plus the inclusion of a small museum (an archeological excavation site has unveiled part of the old city walls and Via Augusta) promise to make this 135 old market something more important than just a collection of stands. There will be 4 underground floors, two for parking lots, 1 for storage and 1 for commercial areas.

The origin of the Mercat de Sant Antoni is a remnant of the 13th century Mercat dels Encants, a marginal market outside the walls that was moved to Carrer del Consolat in 1850. In 1882, Rovira i Trias finished building the iron market, and there were almost no houses in its surroundings, the working class neighborhood of El Raval.