Barcelona Photoblog: Musing in Las Ramblas de Barcelona

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Musing in Las Ramblas de Barcelona

Musing in Las Ramblas, Barcelona [enlarge]

Before I begin I would like to thank a couple of friends for making me muse on my blog and the daily posting affair. They both did in two very different ways which I won't explain here but made me think that daily doesn't mean having to post each and every day of the year but to do it several times a week perhaps. These are their sites: San Francisco Daily Photo by Manuel Guerzoni and Hyde Daily Photo by Gerald England. I am glad they made me came out of my stubborn obsession and in way released me from this sacrifice. I think this will mean better posts as I will have more energy and less ambiguity as to the date on my posts considering I am one month behind schedule and the blog is talking about January 2009 as of now. So I stood like this man leaning on the railing of some parking lot in Las Ramblas and began musing for a while about the future. In fact it only took me an hour to change my mind. Thanks again my friends.


  1. Whew! Isn't that a relief? You deserve a schedule that pleases you, Carlos, and frees you for your art.

  2. Believe it or not, absurd as it is, I feel much better now. That doesn't mean I will be lazier and leave the blog unattended but if I take a couple of days off and won't have any internal conflicts. I could have done it long ago but I said to myself I would update any time with 30 pictures in a row. No way!!! Besides, Manuel told me I could easily go back and fill the gaps. Ask me how dumb did I feel then? LOL. I guess people may think I went crazy or something, or worse but I am very stubborn and obsessive so I felt I had to do it right and that idea was starting to provoke some kind silly anxiety. Now I feel fine. Besides I bought another domain with my name and already installed wordpress so I have in mind to start blogging about other stuff too. Thanks for your nice comment Lydia.

  3. well done Carlos - I'm so pleased for you - blogging shouldn't be a burden.

  4. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Hi Carlos,

    well done! Don't punish yourself, keep up the good work! Enjoyed reading your blog.

    Muy bien hecho!! No te castiges
    a ti mismo! Sigue con las buenas
    fotos! Estaba disfrutanda mucho de tus vistas!


  5. lovely shot; I wonder what he was thinking?

  6. I like it!! Muy muy guapa.

    Y me gusta que estés animado. Hay que disfrutar de esto, para los agobios ya está el trabajo.. no?

  7. I love that he's standing still while the 'world' appears to rush by in the form of the woman.

  8. -Thanks Gerald, for your help on my decision :)
    -Thanks "Anonymous" for your support. I am glad you enjoy my blog.
    -He looked tired perhaps and waiting for someone. I don't know. I like the glasses and the classic look, maybe a writer, an intellectual on a trip to Barcelona. He does not look Spanish to me. Thanks for the comment.
    -Gracias Dsole


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