Barcelona Photoblog: Toy Souvenirs, Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Friday, December 19, 2008

Toy Souvenirs, Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Toy Souvenirs, Las Ramblas, Barcelona [enlarge]

Well, the new domain and the updating of backlinks via emails to webmasters is keeping me busy lately. All the old internal links have been automatically reconfigured and the ones on the search engines are leading to It has been hard but I feel much better now. Any help passing on the change of address message is deeply appreciated. Oh yeah, today's image, I almost forgot:

It is a small toy, a souvenir you can buy at stalls in Las Ramblas. I published a very similar image in the past. Here is the old post: Wooden Toys at Las Ramblas Stall

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  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Hi! Thanks for this blog. I am from Suecia I have learned a lot about daily catalan life. I have friends in Llorenç del Penedès and they are great! Hope to see more of your photos soon!
    Muchas gracias


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