Barcelona Photoblog: Arc de Triomf: A Landmark of Barcelona

February 11, 2009

Arc de Triomf: A Landmark of Barcelona

Arc de Triomf: A Landmark of Barcelona [enlarge]

Barcelona's Arc de Triomf monument was built on the Ciutadella park during one of the most important events in the history of our city: the first Universal Exhibition of 1888. This triumphant arch which the Romans used to build to receive and honor victorious armies after their numerous invasions, was designed by architect Josep Vilaseca to act as the entrance to the Sant Joan Hall on the exhibition area. It is inevitable to think of other famous arches like the one in Paris. This one is not a world reference but it is one of our symbolic buildings and is tightly linked to our history. At the top of the beautiful brick monument we find several friezes, the one on the main façade, overlooking Paseo San Juan, containing the "Barcelona welcomes the nations" sculpture by Joseph Reynés, another on the rear façade with a sculpture called "Reward" by Joseph Lemon representing the delivery of awards to participants in the exhibition and finally the friezes on the sides with allegories of Agriculture, Industry and Trades. Previous posts: Triumph Arch or Arc de Triomphe and Arc de Triomph Detail.
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