Barcelona Photoblog: Hammered Dulcimer Player on Portal del Angel, Barcelona

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hammered Dulcimer Player on Portal del Angel, Barcelona

Hammered Dulcimer Player [enlarge]

I am no music expert but after some research I would say this is a modest variant of a hammered dulcimer or psaltery (salterio in Spanish). There is some confusion about the terms dulcimer and psaltery whether the strings are plucked or hammered but experts say both words have been used indistinctly through history. As you can guess this is a very old instrument. It appeared in Persia about 2000 years ago and our modern piano evolved from this peculiar wooden box. This woman was in the middle of Portal del Angel flooding the place with sweet melodies that evoked ancient times. If you want to feel the same take a look at this marvelous video: Mermaid Medieval Hammered Dulcimer.


  1. Your photo is art and I'm sure the music is too.

  2. That is a beautiful shot and beautifully described. I'm so glad you provided a link to the video as I watched it to the end and feel very mentally soothed afterward. The style of dress worn by the player in the video is one of the prettiest of all the ages I think.
    Our piano evolved from this? I never knew that. :)

  3. did she make any money at all?

  4. I saw these in France. Interesting instrument and image.

  5. Hey.... such a simple setting but such a beautiful pic!!! Love the way the pic is composed!!

    Great stuff.

    Come over and have a look at my Dubai Blog

    That intrument is very very similar to the Santoor, an indian insrument.... look up for images on google...

  6. Great photo! It would be great to be there:)

  7. Hola Carlos!
    Ojalá pudiera escucharlo o verl el vídeo! esta mañan he tocado algo que no debía en el ordenador y la he liado.. parda!! :-S
    Vamos que sólo veo fotos, nada que se mueva o hable. creo que es un códec o un par de miles de ellos
    En fin, que empieces bien la semana! Saludos!


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