Barcelona Photoblog: Snow Covered Scene in Barcelona

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow Covered Scene in Barcelona


To many this would be a rather obvious image of any odd park in any odd country. But this was Barcelona yesterday and to witness a similar scene  we have to check our archives and go back to 1962 for example when another heavy snowfall took place. There was a certain light at dusk that gave the view a sort of Christmas mood or should I say Easter in this case?.


  1. It's a charming scene and the photo has such great light. I love the small child with arm raised ready to throw a prized snowball!
    I know that you are enjoying the uniqueness of the snow in Barcelona.

  2. It is hard to imagine snow in Barcelona. Spain normally has a warmer climate then the rest of Europe, hasn't it?

  3. It looks more like Minnesota than Barcelona to me!

  4. It looks like a scene from a Christmas film. Beautiful.

  5. Anonymous2:00 AM

    How beautiful to see, young and old, able to enjoy such a fleeting moment.

    A wonderful Wednesday for you.

  6. the lighting makes it look dreamy! beautiful :)

  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    All of the snow has disappeared from the streets of Chicago with temps in the 50s(F).
    Guess Winter has decided we weren't worth the effort.

  8. Bill, yes Barcelona is warmer than the rest of Europe (except for some parts in France and Italy). Is also weird for us that kind of weather. That photo seems to be taken with multiple layers of exposure technique with that light.


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