Barcelona Photoblog: Casa Juncosa, by Salvador Viñals i Sabater, Rbla. Catalunya, 78, Barcelona

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Casa Juncosa, by Salvador Viñals i Sabater, Rbla. Catalunya, 78, Barcelona

Casa Evarist Juncosa by Salvador Viñals i Sabater, Rbla. Catalunya, 78, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Juncosa at Rambla Catalunya, 78 built by Catalan architect Salvador Viñals i Sabater in 1909 is one of those many buildings that locals tend to ignore (why do humans take things for granted immerse in their monotonous existence as they are? why do we lose that feeling of surprise?) but visitors evidently admire.

Although Salvador Viñals (1847-1926) was considered a Classicist architect his work evolved towards Noucentisme and in certain cases you see slight touches of Modernisme here and there in his prolific catalog of buildings. Worth mentioning are Torre del Marques (1911) or Casa Oller (1891)

Check this gallery with incredible pictures of Casa Juncosa interior.


  1. Carlos, Casa Juncosa es realmente una belleza. Tienes tanta razon en lo que dices con respecto a la gente y su cotidiano.

  2. This is so ornate it takes my breatah away. I stand in awe!

  3. That is amazing. Love the doors.

  4. I'd love to be there right on one of the balconies watching people going by. I love Rambla de Catalunya :)

  5. argh... i missed this building when i was there.

  6. *sigh* Barça...

    Amo la tua città!

    Ciao from Roma,
    Roma Every Day

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words and visit.

  8. He pasado varias veces por allí y nunca me detuve con calma a apreciar esa arquitectura. Barcelona es inacabable.

    Un saludo grande Carlos


    [Barcelona Daily Photo]


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