Barcelona Photoblog: Flamenco Colors: Dresses and Shoes

October 26, 2010

Flamenco Colors: Dresses and Shoes

Flamenco Colors: Dresses and Shoes [enlarge]

The colors of flamenco are generally flashy and come in bright, happy combinations although sometimes they maybe more discrete (completely white with just a touch of another color for example). Polka dots (sp. lunares) are very common on these tight dresses that enhance body shape. The many flounces and specially the elegant shoes are worth mentioning as well as the shawl, the flowers on the hair and other adornments like earrings and bracelets. The flamenco dresses on this picture are not definitely the best on the market but I liked the line of shoes. I have to say that this is not a flamenco tablao where you hear the characteristic feet stomping (zapateado), as they were dancing what is known as Sevillanas. The image was captured in Torre Llobeta park, Nou Barris, Barcelona
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