Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Shop Window: Mannequin

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barcelona Shop Window: Mannequin

Barcelona Shop Window: Mannequin  [enlarge]

Rebajas (sp. for sales) are coming to Barcelona next January 7th and shops are getting ready for crisis-affected consumers looking for opportunities. With this flashy display enhancing the dress on this mannequin I welcome the first week of the year, the magical time when not only the three wise men carry toys for our kids but people go on a spending spree with the genuine intention of "saving".


  1. Me recuerda una cancion de Serrat! Feliz 2011 Carlos.

  2. Terrific window display.

  3. That mannequin is wearing quite an elegant, silky gown! I like the window design!

  4. Gem-like colors with nice perspective and image depth.


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