Barcelona Photoblog: Wise Man Balthasar Brings Presents to Barcelona Kids

January 06, 2011

Wise Man Balthasar Brings Presents to Barcelona Kids

Wise Man Balthasar in Barcelona
Balthasar Magi during Barcelona Three Wise Men Parade

Wise man Balthasar, one of the Three Biblical Magi as seen yesterday on the streets of Barcelona before delivering all those gifts on our kids' wish lists.

As you know every year the Three Wise Men come from the East and late at night ride on their magic camels and sneak into our houses to drop presents. Before departing, they usually stop for a minute to try some of the provisions we previously had left somewhere visible near the door or outside.

The content may vary from home to home, some people offer them liquor generally anís (anise-flavored liqueur) some others just water, and that may be accompanied by cookies, crumbs of bread (for the camels), nougat or polvorones.

Check this previous image showing the Three Wise Men sculpture group on Sagrada Familia façade
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