Barcelona Photoblog: Barber Shop at Carrer Casanova 96, Barcelona

February 05, 2011

Barber Shop at Carrer Casanova 96, Barcelona

Don't ask me why but pictures of barber shops have a certain something. Maybe because both client and barber look so concentrated, the client telling him the story of his life in a sort of confessional with no curtains or lattice partition. The barber doing his job with an eye on the haircut and his mind on his client's speech or at least that's what it seems since they never lose track. Everybody knows that barbers are a blend of priest with psychologist. My God, the things you get to confess to your barber. This barbershop in particular you will find at carrer Casanova, 96 in Barcelona. 

Update 11/09/2021: I see the picture got to be popular at the owner's website snippet on Google. That's the best that can happen to a photograph, to be useful and provide a message. Now after some years I still love this one. Generally I hate most of my pictures after some time! Here's  Lucena's Barbers link in case you wanna know the place and confess a little!
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