Barcelona Photoblog: Delishop, Mallorca 241, L'Eixample, Barcelona

May 16, 2011

Delishop, Mallorca 241, L'Eixample, Barcelona

Delishop, Mallorca 241, L'Eixample, Barcelona [enlarge]

Sometimes it is hard to talk to you about nice shops in Barcelona without making the whole post look like a commercial. This is not an ad. You have my word on that. When I browse for places I would love to visit I enjoy reading about interesting spots and I really don't mind some promotion in posts as long as I don't smell the money. Not that I wouldn't accept it here but I prefer sponsoring on the sidebar better than an advertisement-ridden content. Once said that, allow me to show you this snapshot taken at the Delishop at carrer Mallorca right before the clerk turned his back to ask me if he could be of help. The place has nothing special to it except for the looks and that practicality implied in a take away. And that is precisely why I love the place. It is on my way to work and it comes handy when I am in a hurry. Service is good and food is properly displayed. I thought it was a very big franchise but upon visiting their web I found that they are just a couple of young entrepreneurs with an interesting story behind. I guess that made me like the place even more. Now that I give them good reviews why not suggesting the link, don't you think? Maybe I can get my chicken rolls for free!: Delishop, Mallorca 241

Note: I am really interested in knowing your opinion about giving helpful reviews and tips in Barcelona Photoblog the way a travel guide would do or not. I mean, taking pictures inside places and giving my opinion now and then against the usual neutrality of my posts in that sense. Do you have the same problem in your blogs?
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