Barcelona Photoblog: Outdoor BBQ Grill, Deltebre, Catalonia, Spain

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outdoor BBQ Grill, Deltebre, Catalonia, Spain

Outdoor BBQ Grill, Deltebre, Catalonia, Spain [enlarge]

A scene I found interesting the other day at the beach. An outdoor barbecue grill very near the water at Illa de Buda in Delta de l'Ebre. It is easy to find places like this in Catalonia but they are usually inland. There is a whole ritual around making fire and cooking around such public grills. You usually bring your own meat or fish and you can buy wood or coal at some facility nearby. Like it happens in most barbecues, the fact of gathering several people around the fire be it friends or members of the family turns it into a social event that may include not just the desired lunch but games like soccer, cards, parcheesi, etc. Besides showing you how these public BBQ grills are, I was interested in those people concentrated on the fire, the smoke spreading all over the place and that guy going towards the beach that of course has nothing to do with the barbeque but contributes to the depth to the image.


  1. Gary Wilkinson1:17 PM

    This is a great picture Carlo and completely new to me.!!

    I thought that I hadn't seen these BBQ's on any of the beaches that I visited in Barcelona so I did a Google search to see where Delta de L'bre was and it looks lovely.

    I wish that we had these kind of BBQ's in the UK but I don't think that our ridiculous and VERY strict health and safety laws would permit them.

    thank again


  2. El olor de la carne
    al fuego
    hace salir deseos


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